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Author Topic: TEMAC at Ryerson University Event  (Read 963 times)

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TEMAC at Ryerson University Event
« on: May 12, 2013, 09:17:53 pm »
Your Club was represented at the Ryerson University "Design on Dundas" event.  In plain English.... high school students flew electric powered 4' span foam gliders in a timed pylon race over the ice at the old Maple Leaf Gardens.  They had beautiful 15' tall inflatable red/white coloured pylons marking the race course.  The contest race was best time for 3 laps from a hand-launch at the starting line.

BACKGROUND.  Ryerson sent 30 RC kits to local high schools. The kits included all the loose RC equipment, kits, props, battery, charger, TX, RX, servos. Each school organized teams of 8 people, assembled the plane via a team build supported by a 90 minute Youtube building video.  The teams came to the Gardens on Friday, May 10, 9 am, set up their planes, test flew them 2-3 times, corrected mistakes and learned to fly as they went and then went on to the timed race event.

The youtube video (1 of 3) is

At noon RCers representing Bramalea RC Flyers and Temac did a 3 plane ringer pylon race at full speed for about 10 laps to a cheering crowd.  The flights included two loops  ;D and a spinning mid-air collision 8) with both planes still flying.

Club modellers coached the kids, trimmed planes and gave comments (mostly tail heavy planes) all only when asked because the kids could not solve the problem.  During breaks in the action we flew a micro T-28, Embers, Vapor and a small quad to keep the people in the seats entertained.

We have already been asked to attend next year.  Club representatives were Drew Martin (pres. Bramalea), Ken Wilton a frequent TEMAC participant and yours truly.  Jack Higgins was all set to participate until a last minute family medical situation made him re-jig his priorities.

It was an absolute hoot, very rewarding and very much appreciated by Ryerson.  As well, they fed us and paid for our parking- $40.00 per car!!!

Photos are on their way.

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