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Author Topic: Another Float Fly Canceled  (Read 620 times)

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Another Float Fly Canceled
« on: September 01, 2017, 11:30:15 am »
Hey guys,

We do have a float fly scheduled for tomorrow at the Claireville site, and we were planning to go ahead despite getting no cooperation or even feedback from the Humber club.  But, I've got myself in a rush to get siding on my house before I return to work on Tuesday, and return the rented scaffolding, so I just can't take a day away to go flying.  And as you know, I provide the rescue boat so ya kinda need me to be there to make the event happen.  It makes me feel important  ;D

I'm very sorry about this.  Let's hope we can make a mid September float fly happen to get warmed up for a good season of float flying next summer!


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Re: Another Float Fly Canceled
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 09:54:08 pm »
Hello MAAC/TEMAC members.  I'm a MAAC member at Humber Valley RCF Inc. - I'm also a MAAC member at other clubs in Zone L - So let me begin there>> Other clubs offer benefits that HVRCF does not. I pay those membership fees in order for ME too enjoy all the flying disciplines that I participate in. Example: HVRCF offers, Indoor flying (Winter), Grass/Geo runway, Float flying and a Heli/FPV pad- Internal combustion engines and I've also heard they're building a Quad racing track (Spring 2018) YEA!

If you want to Float Fly electric or gas UAV(s) at a MAAC sanctioned site (In Transport Canada Restricted airspace) then join Humber Valley RCF.  8)


The above may or may not reflect the opinions of the HVRCF Inc. Executive or Members and Affiliates.
References: MOT/IPO-6.41; MAAC (Club registration); MAAC (MPP-5).

Humber Valley RCF Inc. Float Site Rules:
All members of HVRCF will abide by the following rules when flying at this HVRCF Club facility. You must be cleared to fly at this location. Attendance at club organized events will qualify HVRCF members and allow these members to clear other members with respect to the following:
1.   No propulsion system may be used as a recovery craft (Row boat/raft only) - Ontario Conservation Authority.
2.   Parking and other vehicle traffic is restricted and must remain at the top of the hill. (Do not unload at the beach).
3.   Minimal foot path traffic between the parking area and launch site must be respected (OCA).
4.   Nito/Gas fuelling over spill(s) must have a protection mat (OCA).
5.   Do not litter anywhere (Including cigarette butts).
6.   Do not tamper with or remove any vegetation anywhere (OCA).
7.     10 am. 88db max noise.
All HVRCF Inc. and MAAC rules are applicable at all times.

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Re: Another Float Fly Canceled
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2017, 10:34:22 am »
I can assure you, that if other (MAAC) club members wanted to fly with us at such a location or event under such conditions, they would be invited cheerfully and unconditionally.

We wouldn't ask them to pay a membership fee.

However, if that's the best you can offer, we will consider our options.

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Re: Another Float Fly Canceled
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2017, 02:10:26 pm »
Hi Michael> I posted a disclaimer with my reply - I'm just a member at HVRCF and don't know what the HV Executive is doing about this Beautiful Float Fly site. I only suggested that a HVRCF membership has privileges that come from being a member -  On that note: I invited Jack Humphreys (A&J Hobbies) as a guest 2 weeks ago and he loved the site so much that he asked for a HVRCF Membership application. I fly this site about 10-15 times every summer and would love to have the company of my "Friend of a Feather"

Best Wishes//g.