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Author Topic: Skyzone and Quanum FPV set  (Read 472 times)

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Skyzone and Quanum FPV set
« on: October 19, 2017, 03:43:20 pm »
I’m selling my FPV gear that never takes off to fund new jet for 2018. The kit is new from Hobby King (no more box); I never use it on any plane as I never get a FPV plane and my attention turn to jets.

It is a Skyzone 5.8Ghz 32channels-200mW- transmitter/receiver set with Sony 480 lines camera, bundled with Quanum FPV goggle also 480lines. Come with all accessories and two high gain leaf antenna set.
The quality is good for 480 lines (not 1080 HD though), the 200mW transmitter will covers beyond line of sight.  I will add two batteries 2200mA for transmitter and 700mA for receiver to make it ready to use.
I spent over US$100+ for the kit, now for CAD$65 it is yours.

The detail specifications are as following. (from HobbyKing)

Product Description   
Weight:328 g

SkyZone has forged a reputation of quality and reliability and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots.

The Skyzone FPV 200-SET was configured from the ground up to be plug and play, all cables are pre-made with matching connectors, so no soldering or guesswork is required. The set is so complete even a “Y” power splitter is included for powering the video receiver and a set of goggles or a monitor off a single XT60.
The set includes the TS5823 transmitter, and this little gem packs 200mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power in a micro sized video/audio TX. Great for those looking to save size and weight while still getting great performance. The TS5823 is transmitting a full range of 32 channels and only weighs 10g. And the Plug & Play set includes not only a match cable set for the included Sony CCD camera but also cables for the GoPro as well. For power the cables have mini JST connectors and a battery balance port power adapter.
At the heart of the set is the RC832 Receiver, it is nice and small in size, great for easy integration into your ground station or DIY goggles, but big in quality and features. The receiver uses the same two button interface, making channels swapping a breeze. There are two independent A/V outputs for both audio and video. So you can use a monitor and a set of goggles or maybe a DVR to record your flight. The receiver comes with 2 power cable options for mini JST or “Y” XT60 for receiver and monitor/goggle power.
To finish the Plug & Play set off a Sony FPV tuned CCD camera is included with all matching cables and a set of 5.8GHz Circular polarized antennas for maximum performance. This set will get you FPV flying in no time, and a perfect match to the Quanum DIY goggles for a budget minded complete set.

• Plug & Play connection no soldering required
• Circular Polarized Antenna set included(LHCP)
• 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
• Two switching buttons for the band and channel with LED display on VRX
• Power off memory for last channel and band
• dual Independent video and audio signal outputs
• Micro sized VTX and light weight - perfect for use with small models
• 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
• Transmitter frequency: 5645-5945MHz with 200mW power output
• Transmitting distance > ~1500m (open area)
• 480TVL Sony CCD FPV camera

TS5823 V2 VTX Specs:
Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Output Power: 23~24dBm
Channel: 32CH
Operating Voltage: 7V~24V
Supply Current: 190mA
Audio Carrier Frequency: 6.5MHz
Connector: RP-SMA
Dimension: 40mm x 23mm x 8mm
Weight: 8g (without antenna)
RC832 Receiver Specs:
Antenna connection: RP-SMA
Power input: 12V
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Rx sensitivity -90dBm
Video impedance: 75Ω
Video format: NTSC/PAL auto
Dimension: 80x 65 x15mm
Camera Specs:
Sensor: 1/3 Sony CCD
Resolution: 480TVL
Illumination: 0.01lux
Power: 7~13v (3s)
Antenna Specs:
Polarization:  left hand(LHCP)
dbi gain: 1.5

TS5823 5.GHz 200mW 32CH A/V transmitter
RC832 32CH Video receiver
30x30mm 480TVL Sony CCD camera
Circular Polarized antenna set (LHCP)
GoPRO USB to A/V cable (for using GoPRO as A/V input)
Plug & Play cable set for camera and VTX
XT60 power Y Wire set for receiver and goggles
Standard power wire set
A/V Cable set (RCA)
Standard wire lead
Balance plug to JST for CAM/VTX power
Spare DIY A/V cables
Frequency range:
FR1 5865,5845,5825,5805,5785,5765,5745,5725
FR2 5733,5752,5771,5790,5809,5828,5847,5866
FR3 5707,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945
FR4 5740,5760,5780,5800,5820,5840,5860,5880

Product Description
Weight:457 g
Quanum is bringing to the masses with the DIY FPV Goggle kit! It’s time you start flying RC with a birds eye view and a sense of flight. Until now, an immersive FPV experience through goggles was out of reach for some. No longer is a cost a barrier between you and the blue sky above.
The Quanum FPV goggle kit is based around a custom built 4.3in NON-blue screen monitor, providing a clear, bright, non blue image in even the worst of conditions. It contains a custom Fresnel lens, making the monitor crystal clear with a minimal viewing distance.  An ergonomic housing was custom molded to house the monitor and the lens, with adaptability to cater to various face types. The molded housing is made from EPP foam allowing you to carve and adjust the fit just right to your face and finishing it off with foam strips for a light tight seal. The goggles come with adjustable securing side straps and provisions for even a top strap. The top housing has a molded curved top for the option of attaching the goggle to the brim of your favorite ball cap for an even more custom DIY fit.
The monitor uses the common RCA style video in connections for video and audio, and has an included mini JST power adapter as well. The goggles can be switched between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios and comes with 3 lenses included to find the most comfortable FPV viewing experience for you.
With the Quanum DIY google’s large screen and broad immersive viewing angle, some will even prefer the view to other FPV options. The DIY kit is perfect to get into FPV or if you’re a seasoned FPV pilot who wants to give a bigger screen a try for a new feel in the sky. You could even use them as back up goggles or ride along goggles for spectators!
*Check out the build video by clicking here*
Monitor screen: NON-Blue screen custom TFT LCD
Screen size: 4.3in (16:9 or 4:3 switchable)
Format: PAL/NTSC supported
Supply voltage: 7~13V
Resolution: 480px (w)
Fresnel lens: 3X and 4X included
Size: 140x95x120mm
Weight: 195g

Offline deltawing

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Re: Skyzone and Quanum FPV set
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2017, 12:29:40 pm »

FPV set found a new home with BJ, sure it will take off this round. ;D