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Author Topic: Annual Report from the Vice President, Director of Administration 2017  (Read 815 times)

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Our field is in great shape.  This year, the corn crop made for some challenges.  I think it also deadened the road traffic noise creating a nice ambience of seclusion or an aura of isolation providing sanctuary in an oasis where tranquility is broken only by the sound of spinning electric motors and roaring laughter.  We will probably miss that corn.

Field Maintenance and Improvements
Here’s what was done this year:
•   Spring clean up, including grass over-seeding and field rolling
•   Runway rolling and repairs
•   22,860 kilograms of gravel added to parking lot and laneway
•   New wind sock and wind sock pole in aviation colours**
•   Portable toilet cleanouts and upkeep
•   Weekly grass cutting from May through October
•   Parking lot weed control
•   Tall grass trimming along the laneway and parking lot edges
•   Fall clean up, including drainage channel clearing and laneway raking

**Bruce Weaver donated his time, material, and painting skills for the new pole.  Thank you, Bruce!

Safety & Security
Despite the hardships of the wall of corn, everyone seemed to adapt well and there are no major safety-related incidents to report. 

Of major importance to us all are the upcoming Transport Canada regulations.  We are currently under an interim order which is expected to become law in 2018.  Needless to say, MAAC has been actively engaged with Transport Canada to ensure the interests and viability of our hobby remain intact.  During this interim period, “MAAC members flying at sanctioned fields and events are exempt from the restrictions of that interim order.” You may find details at https://www.maac.ca/en/transport_canada.php.

Notwithstanding MAAC’s engagement with Transport Canada, some of you may wish to express your concerns personally.  Contacting your local MP or participating in petitions, such as change.org, are potential avenues to such end.

Due to its increasing complexity, I propose the next TEMAC board of directors consider appointing a volunteer for the role of Safety Officer.  Any volunteers?

In the meantime, thank you all for doing your part to keep our flying safe at our field!

Training nights are lots of fun, sometimes entertaining, and always inspirational. 
From novices to seasoned off-field flyers, we had a variety of new pilots join our Wednesday evenings, including some moms & dads with their children.  Bruce Weaver continued his morning training sessions and Frank van Beurden managed the relationship with Ryerson U.  And where would we be on those new transmitters without Oscar Mok’s technical expertise?

We were fortunate to have Michael as CFI this year while we look for a more permanent candidate for this important position.  Michael’s contagious enthusiasm for RC airplanes is, perhaps, surpassed only by his fondness of the Beatles.  Thank you, Michael, who provides us this reflection;

“It was a rewarding experience to serve as TEMAC’s chief flight instructor this past year. The other instructors and I purposely focused on helping each individual pilot work on the specific skills that needed attention, and this technique was very effective. I believe every single student who came to most flight instruction sessions this last season has earned their wings, and they have all become very good flyers. In fact. a few were extremely competitive in our season ending Skills Competition. I look forward to participating as an instructor next season.”     --Michael Rogozinsky, November 2017

To all of our instructors and ground crew, thank you so much for your time, dedication, and making summer Wednesday evenings so pleasant.

Proposed Objectives for 2018
Here are some suggestions of the things to do:
Spring clean up                The “Loo” maintenance
Grass over seeding & field rolling         Minor Table repairs
Ground levelling for the loo and storage box   Geotex runway monitoring*
Runway and lawn maintenance          Fall clean up

* (installed May 2014, so 4th season flying on it.  The Geotex is beginning to show signs of deterioration along the centre seam.)

The past 3¼ years have been a lot of fun and it has been a pleasure hanging out with so many nice folks.  It being an election year, I do encourage everyone interested to come forward and lend your club a hand.  I am sure you will find the experience very rewarding as I have. 

Finally, my thanks to all of you volunteers who contribute and make our club so special.

Graham McNicol
Vice-President & Director of Administration, TEMAC