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Author Topic: Simon's Midsummer Madness Sale - Starting Tonight!  (Read 248 times)

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Offline Andy Hoffer

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Re: Simon's Midsummer Madness Sale - Starting Tonight!
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 02:00:04 am »

    The industry term is "Dunnage"

    from Wiki  "dun·nage noun: loose wood, matting, or similar material used to keep a cargo in position in a ship's hold."


    @Frank v B you have truly touched my heart with the gift of a new word from your nautical storehouse!

    I needs must give serious deliberation as to how best to reciprocate in a most meaningful way.....  8)

    In the meantime I will practice using this terrific addition to my vocabulary:   

    • "Frank's van is chock full of dunnage."
    • "The corners of Frank's basement are crammed with balsa dunnage awaiting resurrection."
    • "When Frank plants a plane in the back 40 the balsa dunnage keeps the rows of beans from shifting."
    • "You can have a lot of funnage when you're messing with your dunnage."

    There...I think I've got it.

    Thanks Frank.   8)


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    Offline Gerald Danen

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    Re: Simon's Midsummer Madness Sale - Starting Tonight!
    « Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 10:38:53 pm »
    Hey Simon,  if the SU27 is still available, I'll take it.

    “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”