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Author Topic: Annual Report from the Events Director 2017  (Read 716 times)

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Annual Report from the Events Director 2017
« on: November 23, 2017, 08:43:31 pm »
It was another good year and most important we had fun.

1. New Year’s Day “Polar Bear” flight
•   Was well attended even Santa took some time to get a flight in.
•   Hot coffee, good weather, and great beach wear?! Just a typical New Year ’s Day at the field ;)
2. Build/Repair Classes
•   If you crash it they will come… again this year we opened up the classes for people to bring in their projects they are working on or need help fixing.
•   As always the night starts with some good food and ends with some great ideas on how to fix or build that project that has been sitting in the corner of your shop (when it will not fix itself)
•   As always a big thank you to all instructors for taking the time to help out!
3. Mayden Fest
•   Another great Mayden fest. It was great to see some many new planes out making their debut at TEMAC.
•   A big thanks goes out to all that help out with this event. Taking time to help look over the new models making sure the planes are ready for that first flight.

4. Float Flying
•   We continued to have some challenges with weather, schedules, and sites. I’ll work with the float flying enthusiast to make this happen more next year.
•   As always when they did happen everyone had a great time. Looking forward to more float flying next year.

5. EF-1
•   As always Ken and the Orangeville club were great hosts.
•   It was a day of fast paced racing, good times, some bad luck, but overall a great time for all.
•   If you are looking to give EF1 racing a try watch for this on the calendar.

6. Kingston Electric Fun Fly
•   It's always great to see Martin and the Kingston gang, who always put so much work into making this event fun and welcoming for everyone.
•   Although it was pretty windy both days at the fun fly, there was still plenty of flying, and Sunday morning was a pleasant surprise for everyone, as we all expected to wake up to rain. 

7. Cub Fun-Day
•   Bruce had a great idea and everyone got together to fly their Cubs. As Bruce said in his post: Just come out.  Have fun flying and enjoy the company of all the other TEMAC members that can make it.

8. Warbirds Day
•   Michael summed up the event perfectly “Well attended, lots of airplanes, great friends, lots of themed and coordinated flying, great barbecue, the weather and wind actually improved during the day, and lots of fun.”

9. Annual Fun Fly
•   The Annual Fun fly was very well-attended. There was lots of entertainment and socializing.
•   This continues to be one of our best events and looking forward to next year’s events.
•   Thanks to all the vendors and members that make this happen.

10. President’s BBQ
•   Last year’s president’s bbq pizza night was great success; so we did it again.
•   Thank you again to everyone who helped with our training program this year - to all the instructors, the ground crew, the Spektrum programming experts (Oscar!) and of course our CFI, Michael.

11. Jack Higgins Skills Challenge
•   As always this is the most anticipated club event of the year.
•   We had seven events and people were flying well after the event was done.
•   The “skills” displayed that would have made Jack proud.

11. Pilot’s Meetings
•   Pilot’s meetings continue to be well attended. The themes generate a lot of discussion and I’m always open to suggestions for topics you want to cover.
•   We are always looking for new ideas. If you have a topic you are passionate about and want to tell the club about it. Feel free to contact me (or any board member)
I would like to thank all of the volunteers that came out to help and support the club. It’s that spirt that makes the club such a great place to be a part of. We never seem to run out of people who will step forward to help much of the time without being asked. As always keep an eye on the events calendar and feel to contact me (email ghazelton@gmail.com) if you have any ideas for the meetings or events.
Greg Hazelton
Events coordinator, TEMAC
Nov 22, 2017