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Author Topic: New MAAC mag- Knox Hawkshaw zone "L" pioneer award  (Read 7854 times)

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New MAAC mag- Knox Hawkshaw zone "L" pioneer award
« on: February 06, 2018, 06:36:05 pm »
The new MAAC magazine (page 5) that just came in shows Craig Ekstrand, pres. of MAAC, presenting the pioneer award to Knox Hawkshaw, a member of our zone. Knox is an absolute gentleman and a complete understatement.  Here are some things not mentioned:

- in 1960 he invented the water bomber scoop when he converted a Canso PBY to fire-fighting duty.  The patent is in his name personally (Patent US3423053A).  All forest fire fighting flying boats in the world use his invention.
- the Canso that is shown in the photograph won the "best of show" award at Toledo.  Knox machined the retractable landing gear with the same geometry as the real one.  It is fully operational on land and water.  This model flew.  He won a Futaba 6 channel radio for the achievement... the same radio our Rob Dickinson used for a month in the Taylorcraft 450 after his fire at home made him plane-less.
- Knox helped us in our first Ryerson University presentation because of his experience in heavy lift airplanes (.60 size gas engine).  His design was radical and was built by Fred Messacar.  It was tough to fly...until we added 8 pounds of lead.  It took off at idle in about 50'. The MAAC competition in Windsor (Tecumseth) was cancelled so it never competed.  It would have lifted about 20-25 pounds.
- Knox built a WW2 bomber model in honour of his brother who was a navigator on that airplane. I believe it was an Avro Anson.  His scale model even had a scale map of one of his actual bombing runs on the navigator's table in the plane.
- Knox was awarded the JD McCurdy Award in 1979 by the Canadian Aeronautical Institute for his contribution to Canadian Aviation, the highest honour in the field of Canadian Aeronautical Engineering.  (ps: JD McCurdy was the pilot of the Silver Dart and headed Canadian aircraft procurement during WW2)

Truly a pioneer and always a gentleman yet he would would have been surprised that anyone noticed.  I am sure Fred Messacar was heavily involved in this much deserved award.

Frank van Beurden
MAAC 33488

photo 1- is of the heavy lift plane.  Knox is kneeling, Fred Messacar is standing.
Photo 2- Knox commenting on a wing form with a Ryerson student
Photo 3- Knox and Fred Messacar at the Bramalea/EMFSO/TEMAC presentation at Ryerson University.
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Re: New MAAC mag- Knox Hawkshaw zone "L" pioneer award
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2018, 09:09:20 pm »
Thanks Frank!  That was great to get some more background.  That is one of the few issues I kept as the articles and the pictures are great.  P.S, plus the blue VW bus..lol!