• June 18, 2019, 07:46:07 am
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Author Topic: 2018-06 TEMAC Tickler, Field Clean-up thanks & training starts  (Read 647 times)

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I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday morning to help with the Annual Spring Field Clean-Up.  There were at least 26 generous members who came to work on our field, and of those at least 3 didn't even have wings yet!  What a Club.

We sowed grass seed in the pits, rolled the runway and pits and of course we played in the stream (Frank started it!)

So, hopefully we will enjoy lush green grass from Wednesday onward!  Which is just in time because Flight training starts this week - as always please watch the forum for confirmation.  Bruce, our new 2018 model CFI ( ;)) will let us know if we're on or off.  Until we know how busy student nights will be, please can members not involved with instruction please leave the flight line free for Student use from 6pm?  But by all means come and see what goes on, it really is a fun night.

And then weather permitting we have our 2nd official event of 2018 on Saturday 5th May from 1pm.  We will have "Mayden Fest" where we encourage you to bring your new, unflown (or repaired) models for their first flights.  All of us will have an opinion on whether you built it right, put the stickers on straight and whether it will crash or not, so why not let us all enjoy your anxiety!?

We will also have warbird racing, if there is enough interest.  Reminder of the rules - it needs to be a 3S warbird.  The rest, we will make up on the day!  Hopefully this time I won't crash in to the other competitors at the end of the first lap!  ;D

See you at Rogofield!