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Author Topic: Finding an Instructor to help at other times  (Read 202 times)

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Finding an Instructor to help at other times
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:55:01 pm »
A number of students have asked if instructors were available at other times than just Wednesday evenings?

While I can't speak for other instructors, flight instructors may volunteer assistance on occasion to assist students at other times than at our regularly scheduled Wednesday Student Nights.   

To help you find an instructor, I would suggest making a new post on the TEMAC forum under this section of Flight Instruction.

The following draft example may help you prepare your own post.  Modify the example to suit your circumstances and needs.

[Suggested Topic Title of post:] Instructor assistance requested for Sunday afternoon July 15[/b]
[Suggested Message portion of post:] I need assistance to fly on Sunday afternoon after 2 p.m. Are there any instructors that can come out at that time to help me?  Please contact me by (PM, insert email address or phone #).  Thank you.

Note, the title clearly states the date and time desired. A post of this nature narrows down the window so that any instructor can reply, should they wish to offer assistance at the time desired.  Please appreciate that an instructor's time at the field may be precious and limited to him.  If you haven't made previous arrangements with an instructor to assist you, it is not very courteous to show up at the field and expect assistance.