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Author Topic: MC Update and we're holding another BBQ on Thursday August 2nd  (Read 1041 times)

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I thought I would provide a brief update and also advise the remainder of TEMAC that the Morning Crew will be holding another BBQ this coming Thursday at noon (Aug 2/18).  TEMAC members are welcome to attend.  There is a $5 contribution requested that covers the costs of the dogs/sausages, buns, condiments.  Everyone is responsible for bringing their own beverages and snacks. (If you a picky and wish to bring your own dog(s) or sausage(s), you can do that too. We'll cook it for you.)

UPDATE: The Morning Crew has 28 TEMAC members who are regularly included in our group email list.  We circulate emails among ourselves when there are special events or notifications to be made within the group.  (Email is used because not everyone in the group accesses the Forum.) 

Each day, weather permitting, we regularly have 8 - 10 people attending with up to 20 attending the BBQs.

Any TEMAC members wishing to fly with the Morning Crew on a weekday is more than welcome to just show up and fly with us. 

Most of the Morning Crew are retired, so don't let this scare you, or hold you back from joining us.  Most of us still have all of our faculties (we think) and still find that it's not a long walk to the privy.

The photos provided below include a few of Dr. John with and flying one of his older homemade aircraft. (No, the aircraft is not older than him, just old.) 

The other photos reflect Craig and Frank flying a ?.  Both of them have one of these things which have materialized at the field over the last few days.  Entertaining to say the least.

The Morning Crew wishes everyone well and look forward to anyone coming out and sharing the a.m. with us.

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Re: MC Update and we're holding another BBQ on Thursday August 2nd
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 07:47:26 pm »
So I dropped by the BBQ yesterday.  The weather was hot, the parking lot was full and Bruce got his flamethrower (BBQ) going for lunch.  Thanks to the guys who brought the tents so we could hide from the sun.  Lots of flying.
Photos below.

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