• March 25, 2019, 04:25:52 am
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Author Topic: Student Flight Instruction and How to take advantage of Available Instructors.  (Read 177 times)

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Hello everyone,

I had a brief conversation with Bruce (CFI) last night and again this morning about the fact that I (and maybe other instructors) were not being called on to help students.

Last night was for me a similar experience as in many instances in the past, so let me relate my perspective. and indulge me for a while please...

I have provided instruction at the three clubs of which I have been a member here in the GTA, including TEMAC as well as the two clubs I was a member of in Cape Town.  I come out to the field on most Wednesday evenings for the sole purpose of assisting those students requiring AND requesting assistance.  Last night I arrived at about 4.30pm and did a quick flight with my Waco to check it with my radio transmitter that had just been returned to me by Horizon Hobby after being repaired.

My personality is such that I make myself available to all flyers/students by mentioning that I'm available to those that need/want help.  I do not impose myself on anyone - it's up to you, the student to ask for help!

If I'm shrugged off or ignored, that's okay too as individuals might like or prefer one instructor over another - and I'm okay with this too.

My conversation with Bruce today at the field was about the fact that I, together with 2 other instructors, were sitting and chatting about this and that - about RC Flying in general.  Supposedly while there were students waiting for assistance!

I seem to recall that that there were 6 instructors available and only 3 students as well as BJ providing "ground crew" assistance.

My recommendation to all students next season, is to become familiar with the TEMAC instructors and yell, holler, scream, shout for assistance instead of waiting to be personally approached by the instructors.  That's the way I managed to get tuition when I learnt to fly many years ago, in South Africa.

As I mentioned earlier, we're all individuals with individual styles and personalities and are not always a good fit for everyone's style - so be it.

We, as instructors give willingly of our time, and might I say, expertise, with the express purpose and desire to help students get to fly solo and ultimately to get their wings and the right to "crash all on their own"!  And yes, sometimes even instructors crash too!

I look forward to helping students next season again.

Wishing you safe flying and happy landings.