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Author Topic: RC Cars for Crappers' Corner Speedway  (Read 197 times)

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RC Cars for Crappers' Corner Speedway
« on: October 15, 2018, 04:23:40 pm »
A few cross-compatible RCers have asked about cars for Crappers' Corner Speedway.

In a few words...1/10 scale brushless LiPo buggies. Looking at local hobby stores and the net, you will find a wide range of prices that will get you kids junk to pro level. I am mister-in-between and my restricted retirement lifestyle will only allow something affordable, But hey, let's not sacrifice too much.
I found a local supplier that imports and sells car made in China. I could not even find a better price direct from Chinese sources. RC Hobbies Outlet offers lots of version of cars  in different sizes and styles.

My selected car is the XSTR Pro made by HSP. It comes in 11 different flavours that seem differ only by colour. The package comes complete with radio and battery. It is a great starter package as the car as several upgraded features included. I suggest buying an extra, larger capacity battery to get even more time on the track. Spare parts are available from RC Hobbies Outlet or from many Internet suppliers. You might want a few of the suspension part spares and screws/bolts. Make sure you have blue thread look and treat every bolt and nut that you want to stay on the car.


RC Hobbies Outlet https://www.rchobbiesoutlet.com/1-10-scale-electric-rc-buggy/

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