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Author Topic: Annual Report from the Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Director 2018  (Read 1831 times)

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TEMAC 2018 Treasurer’s Report -  Dec 1, 2018

TEMAC remains in good financial condition.  The Board continued to pursue prudent management of TEMAC finances, spending on important things, but staying within our fiscal means.  Revenues exceeded expenditures by $1532.96 due to the limited need for significant infrastructure improvements this year (e.g. additional gravel for the driveway and parking lot) and as a result of revenues from the auction of RC equipment so kindly donated to TEMAC by long-time TEMAC member John Kusterin and by several of our local hobby shops.  Spring and fall maintenance by energetic volunteers, under the careful stewardship of Graham McNicol, went a long way to preserving the condition of our facility which continues to meet the needs of our membership. 

We had more than adequate funds to cover our operating expenses, and of course, food, prizes and awards for our fun fly events.  Our cash on hand at Dec 5, 2018 was $14,182.41, net of projected expenditures for our 2019 lease.  We have been able to maintain the fee structure implemented in 2013 and the Board has determined that no increase in membership dues is required for 2019.  Full membership renewals remain at $80. The complete fee structure is available on the TEMAC website.

TEMAC experienced a ten percent increase in membership in 2018 vs 2017. Our overall membership now stands at 111 (up from 101 in 2017), comprising 96 full members (up by 10 from 2017), 8 junior members (down by 2 from 2017), 5 non-flying members (up by 2 from 2017), and 2 life members, making TEMAC the largest club in the SE Zone of MAAC.  Our revenue stream has remained adequate to meet our financial requirements, and our field resources (parking, assembly tables, and airspace availability), judiciously and assiduously maintained by Graham McNicol, continue to meet the needs of our membership. 

Looking to 2019, given our positive cash situation over the year, we look forward to maintaining our facilities in good condition with modest improvements, and we are pleased to continue to offer our members unlimited use of our fragrant world class Loo with no admission or processing charge.

Our web site, created and maintained by our extraordinary webmaster, Ben Feist, remains a vibrant communications and discussion vehicle for the entire TEMAC membership, plus a few external participants.  The literary talents of our members are clearly in evidence throughout our web site.  We have been fortunate to have Ben on our team, continuing to share his professional skills and talent in this area so generously.  Thanks again Ben.

Looking forward to seeing you out in the snow!  Don’t forget your bathing suits on New Year’s Day!!

Andy Hoffer
Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Director, TEMAC
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