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Author Topic: Annual Report from the Vice President, Director of Administration 2018  (Read 1606 times)

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Our field is in reasonable shape

Field Maintenance and Improvements
Here’s what was done this year:
•   Spring clean up, including grass over-seeding and field rolling
•   Runway rolling and repairs
•   Portable toilet cleanouts and upkeep
•   Weekly grass cutting from May through October
•   Parking lot weed control
•   Table maintenance & repair
•   Tall grass trimming along the laneway and parking lot edges
•   Fall clean up, including drainage channel clearing and laneway raking

Safety & Security
There are no major safety-related incidents to report. 
Thank you all for doing your part to keep our flying safe at our field!

This year’s training season was lots of fun and rewarding for those who obtained their wings and hopefully for those who are still progressing towards achieving them.
This was Bruce Weaver's first season as the club's CFI.  Bruce reports that we only had one Wednesday evening that had to be cancelled this season due to inclement weather while during other more unpleasant weather-wise evenings both students and instructors still came out to teach and learn under the adverse conditions.

There were a couple of Juniors who joined the club and have been really successful in learning to fly and obtain their wings.  We also had a number of Air Cadets and adults come out to training nights and received introductory flights.  The introductory flights were achieved using training aircraft donated by Oscar, Vadim and radio equipment and batteries from other members.  This flight equipment was also used during our training sessions by students who had been otherwise grounded due to technical problems experienced with their own aircraft.

The majority of the students this season included adults and seniors and persons from Ryerson University.  Bruce reports that all the students have exhibited a great ability to take on the challenges of learning to fly and also fit well within the club as new members.
Once again, this year Frank van Beurden took on the role of Assistant CFI, while Oscar Mok once again was our technical adviser when it came to radio transmitter and receiver programing matters.

To all of our instructors and ground crew, thank you so much for your time, dedication, and making summer Wednesday evenings and other training sessions so pleasant.

Proposed Objectives for 2019
Here are some suggestions of the things to do:
•   Spring clean up
•   Grass over seeding & field rolling
•   Runway and lawn maintenance
•   The “Loo” maintenance
•   Minor Table repairs
•   Add gravel to lane way & parking lot
•   Fall clean up

The past 4¼ years have been a lot of fun and it has been a pleasure hanging out with so many nice folks.  I am undecided whether to seek re-election at the end of next year, so I  encourage anyone interested in learning the maintenance routine to come forward and lend me and your club a hand.  I am sure you will find the experience very rewarding as I have. 

Finally, my thanks to all of you volunteers who contribute and make our club so special.

Graham McNicol
Vice-President & Director of Administration, TEMAC

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Re: Annual Report from the Vice President, Director of Administration 2018
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Thanks for your dedication and commitment again this year.  How many coffees and lunches do I have to buy you to convince you to stay.  I know this year was tough for you with your mom and continuing to look after your dad but please try to find a way to continue. ;)

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Re: Annual Report from the Vice President, Director of Administration 2018
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2018, 02:57:33 pm »
 ;D yah what he said  ;D
You do an awesome job.
And we don't mid to help when asked  ::)
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