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Author Topic: TEMAC Tickler - June 4, 2019: Labels and Tables - Rules and Regulations  (Read 1250 times)

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Regulations, Exemptions, the Road, Labels and Tables
Hello TEMAC members!

I know many of you have already managed to fly your model airplanes at TEMAC this season. We’ve already had our Jets Funfly, and many members are informally racing, flying together, and just having fun. We bought a new club barbecue recently, and we’re improving the driveway and parking area. Graham has done a great job fixing up the runway.

As you know, the model drone and quadcopter market has become huge over the last few years, and in an attempt to keep things safe, the federal government has placed very strict regulations on how these can be used. This could have severely affected our hobby, but thanks to the efforts of MAAC, under certain circumstances, these regulations will not affect us.
As long as we are current members of MAAC, are members of the clubs where we fly, and as long as we follow our rules, we are exempt from these regulations. It sounds simple enough, but it is very serious.  We really do have to follow our rules carefully, failing which individual members can lose their memberships, and lose their exemption from the new rules.

We must continue to be careful and participate safely. For example, do not fly over the road to the north of our filed. That’s dangerous, and against our rules. (If we’re flying a left hand pattern, try starting your north to west turn as you begin to fly in front of the clump of trees; not after you pass them.) Of course, people make innocent errors, and no one will be penalized for this, but you will be reminded. Any purposely reckless or dangerous model flying puts our club, and your membership, at risk, so please remember our motto:  HAVE FUN – BE SAFE – BE COURTEOUS.

Have a look at the PDF attached/posted to this email/forum-post, and make yourself familiar with the new regulations.

This email/forum-post will serve as the official notice of our responsibilities, and an ongoing discussion can follow if anyone wants.
Also, please remember the 2019 MAAC rule: all your flying models must include a label with your MAAC and or personal contact information.

I’m also reminding all members, under the COURTEOUS banner, that the tables at TEMAC are for setting up models before and after flight, and then vacating them. They are not to be held for long periods of time by members. Of course, if there are only a few people at the field, this is not an issue, but please be considerate of others. 
The garden chairs at TEMAC are provided for your comfort, but if you break one by accident, please take it with you away from the field.

Anyway, I’ve covered a lot here. Enjoy flying at TEMAC, use the forum, and let’s all look forward to better weather.

Michael Rogozinsky
President, TEMAC


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Great words of advice @Michael .

Let's be safe, courteous and have fun.  We can do all three of these simultaneously and easily...   :)