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Author Topic: Aircraft distractions, puzzles, grey-matter teasers  (Read 394 times)

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Re: Aircraft distractions, puzzles, grey-matter teasers
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2020, 08:34:45 am »
@Athol , @sihinch - That's why quizzes are often referred to as 'teasers'.  :P

Not to brag, but I got 10 of of 10 when I first took the latest quiz.  Considering both of you agree that one of the questions/answers may have been flawed, does that mean I only got 9 out of 10?  Maybe I was was just lucky with some of my guesses.  ::)

Everything is not black and white.

Everyone, please feel free to post your own quiz, puzzles, teasers to share with our friends.

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Re: Aircraft distractions, puzzles, grey-matter teasers
« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2020, 09:28:35 am »
Anyone remember the "TEMAC Pub Quiz" from one of the Pilot's meetings a few years ago? No cheating.....

General Knowledge
1.   Scientific scale for temperature measurement is the Kelvin scale and 1 degree on the Kelvin scale is the same as 1 degree on the Celsius scale.  Absolute zero kelvin is when molecules stop moving and is known as “infinite cold” What is this in Celsius?

2.   Which was last province to join Canada and when? Nun

3.   First Prime Minister of Canada?

4.   The Z1 was created by German Konrad Zuse in his parents' living room. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and the first really functional modern computer.  When was it made?

5.   Ben Feist is an expert on Apollo 17, the last human moon landing. When did it take off?

TEMAC knowledge
1.   Name 2 of the 3 members of Maynard Hill, the TEMAC Holiday band.

2.   When was TEMAC born?

3.   When was Rogofield named?

4.   Membership cost of TEMAC when it was first opened?

5.   Micheal Rogozinsky was first President, who was first vice President?

6.   EMFSO President gave $700 toward expenses, who was it?

7.   How many members did TEMAC have at the end of its first year (2004)?

8.   When was our geotex runway installed?

9.   I'm am the TEMAC past-president, when did I first become a Board member?

10.   What does the “A” stand for in TEMAC?

Aircraft knowledge
1.   Fastest Aircraft ever made was the X-15 which achieved mach 6.7 or 7,200km/h in 1967.  Name the fastest aircraft ever to see military service? 

2.   P51 Mustang one of most successful fighters or WW2, what did it become known as in 1947?

3.   Curtiss P-40 warhawk was known as what in the RAF?

4.   Most produced aircraft of all time is ……

5.   Most produced aircraft in WW2 is ……

6.   Fastest propeller fighter of WW2 max sustained speed of 665km/h or 413mph, increasing to 765 km/h (477 mph) with emergency boost.  What was it?  .

7.   Fastest flight across Atlantic in commercial airliner was set by Concorde in Feb 1996, New York & London in 2hrs 52 mins 59 seconds. What was the average speed?

8.   Largest flying boat in commercial operation has wingspan of 46m or 152ft and max take of weight of 38 tonnes or 88,000lbs. It's the the first aircraft to operate regular passenger services across the North Atlantic, from New York to Southampton via Newfoundland. What is it?

Model World Records
1.   Most RC aircraft up at one time simultaneously was at Flite Test in 2016, USA. How many?

2.   Smallest RC aircraft weighed 1.98g flew and flew for 6m 56s in UK 2010. What was the wingspan?

3.   Longest multicopter flight achieved in 2015 Spider Drone Security, Romania weighed 4.7kg. How long?

4.   Greatest distance by RC model car in 24hrs?

5.   Greatest distance by model sailing ship in 24hrs?

6.   Longest single flight time of rubber band powered aircraft Martin Pike in 2017 UK. How long?

7.   Largest collection of model aeroplanes, Arizona USA, all wooden built by him to same scale 1/18th inch to foot. Died in 2003 was creating 2 models per week. How many?

8.   Longest flying paper aeroplane achieved a flight of 29 seconds in 2010. Where?

9.   Quadcopter speed record set by Drone Racing League - fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.  The Drone Racing League hand-built the high speed device; which was principally created by the company’s Director of Product, Ryan Gury. Called the “DRL RacerX”, total weight of the record-breaking aircraft just 800 grams (1.76 pounds).  In order to successfully obtain the record, the drone needed to fly back and forth across a measured course of 100 m (328 ft.), with the attempt taking place in a field in upstate New York. How fast?

10.   Maynard Hill, a designer of model airplanes who secured a spot in aviation history when one of his creations flew 1,882 miles across the Atlantic Ocean on less than a gallon of fuel. Beginning in the 1960s, he set 25 world records for speed, duration and altitude, flying his radio-controlled aircraft as high as 26,990 feet, as long as 38 hours and as fast as 151 mph.  When did he cross Atlantic?