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Author Topic: 2016 Safety Update - FPV & Multirotor Aircraft  (Read 5467 times)

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2016 Safety Update - FPV & Multirotor Aircraft
« on: March 13, 2016, 08:51:27 pm »
I was looking though the forum for information about our field guidelines and found this that I wrote back in 2013:

‘Our motto is "Have fun. Be safe & be courteous."  Our safety rules are also based on this philosophy, and extend the safety and courtesy to visitors and our neighbours.  As the hobby progresses and there are more models and technologies for us to explore and have fun with, the safety considerations also need to be refreshed and adapted. ‘

I think this is still extremely relevant today.  But the pace of change and new developments in the hobby seem to be accelerating, with FPV and multirotor aircraft becoming increasingly popular.  I have had many questions and requests already this year about what TEMAC plans to do and allow relating to these technologies.  And at the weekend I witnessed first-hand some of the concerns and challenges associated with different aspects of the hobby in one club. 

But thankfully the Board met to discuss this (amongst other issues) on Sunday 6th March 2016.  I would like to advise you all of our club rules relating to multirotors and FPV.  In fact, they have not changed:

FPV – MAAC guidelines apply.
Pilots flying FPV must fly with a spotter who would be capable of taking control of the aircraft if required (so MAAC wings required for spotter.)

The aircraft must remain within sight at all times. 

The normal boundaries of the airfield apply, i.e. must not fly north of the road or behind the flight line (center of the runway) and the circuit should also be observed.

Any person flying a multirotor at TEMAC must possess MAAC wings.
Essentially the TEMAC guidelines for Helicpoters apply. 
They say:
'Helicopters (multirotors) should be flown on the flying field in the pattern with due regard for the other pilots in the pattern. Hovering may be done south of the pit area.'

At no time should a multirotor interfere with fixed wing aircraft flying in the circuit.

If flying over the field, a multirotor must fly in the circuit with other aircraft, and not slow to a speed that would cause to all intents and purposes a “fixed obstacle” to fixed wing aircraft.

Only 5 aircraft can be in the air at one time, of any type.  So not 5 fixed wing plus 2 or 3 multirotors.

If cars are parked to the furthest south of the TEMAC parking lot, multirotor activity must take place 7 meters (approx. 20ft) from the last vehicle – this is a MAAC requirement.  Pilots should fly over the crop field.

Several "events" made me very worried at the weekend, about how multirotors and fixed wing aircraft interact with each other.  The Board is trying very hard to ensure the interests of members can be accommodated.  However, there may be times when we cannot please all members, and have to go with the majority.  Right now, the majority of our members want to fly fixed wing aircraft at TEMAC, hence our considerations aim to preserve the enjoyment of fixed wing flight at TEMAC whilst being sensitive to the interest in multirotors.

Please continue to keep our club, our neighbours and you our members safe, by abiding by these rules.  We want TEMAC to continue to be a place that people look forward to visiting, without stress or conflict.  We all have a slightly different reason for enjoying our hobby, or a slightly different bias - let's remain courteous to one another, in the air and on the ground, and keep TEMAC the inclusive club that it is.

Please. :)


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Re: 2016 Safety Update - FPV & Multirotor Aircraft
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 06:35:13 pm »
Hello, i am working with my counterpart in quebec and vancouver, together with MAAC to establish a "wings" program for multi rotor aircraft, there may even be a little multi rotor pin just like the wings YAY!

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Re: 2016 Safety Update - FPV & Multirotor Aircraft
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2016, 05:37:44 am »
Update (June 10, 2016) on drone regulations from Transport Canada.