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Author Topic: DeHavilland Apprentice Newsletter #77  (Read 116 times)

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DeHavilland Apprentice Newsletter #77
« on: July 08, 2020, 05:44:38 pm »
For those who might be interested in the 'inside track' of what remains of DeHavilland Aircraft company - here's a link to the latest issue of the DH Apprentice Newsletter.

A link on page 9 to a nice in-flight video from the cockpit of Steve Bohill-Smith (ex-BA Concorde pilot) 's lovely Tiger Moth and a fascinating video from another ex- DH Apprentice - Hugh Langrishe,
on the 'D Type' Jaguar (predecessor to the famous 'E-Type' Jag), which a much younger, Hugh was deeply involved with during the 1957 LeMans race.   
A very interesting piece.  D-Type # 15, second place in that LeMans race (to another D-Type Jag) is still around and visits Hugh for a day out in the countryside.
The LeMans documentary is on YouTube, titled 'The Big Six'. 

Good news also for the refurbish project 'The People's Mosquito', Britain's own soon to be flying Mossie.  AirBus has become a deep-pocket sponsor of the project.

DeHavilland employees are a vanishing generation and the newsletter inevitably and sadly shows this.  It's nice however to see that a lot of those who remain, are actively involved in preserving what is left of this once wonderful, family owned company.



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