• October 29, 2020, 11:49:12 am
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Author Topic: Big sale  (Read 224 times)

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Big sale
« on: September 24, 2020, 02:07:33 pm »
I am selling some planes, if you like any of them, welcome to PM, sms or email me @ +1-647-656-9324 or shao.alex@gmail.com

1. Sebart Mythos 50E: Hobbywing 100A Platimun ESC/ Dualsky XM5060 355KV motor/Savox 1251MG servo x2/Dualsky DS589 servo x1/Dualsky DS65 servo X2   
Ask for $550

2. Sebart PC-21 50E: Hobbywing 80A ESC/ Dualsky 5060 470KV motor/Savox 1251MG servo x2/Dualsky DS589 servo x2
Ask for $650

3. Skylarks F-803:Skylarks F3A F-803 950mm wingspan EPO aerobatic plane. Comes with EMAX servos, Dualsky 1250kV motor and brushless ESC.
Ask fro $80   Sold

4. Tower Hobby P-51 (Gen2):758mm wingspan EPO P-51, comes with 6 EMAX servos, Sunnysky 800kv motor and Hobbywing ESC, support 4S batter, super fast
Ask for $150

5. Tower Hobby P-51 (Gen1):758mm wingspan EPO P-51,New in box, kit, no server/no motor/no esc), Red and Silver color.
Ask for $100

6. Eflite Splendor: 1380mm wingspan EPO F3A, comes with 4 eflite digital servos, 525kv motor, 60am esc. (No AS3X receiver)
Ask for $150   Sold

7. WorldModel Spitfire:900mm wingspan wood plane, comes with sunnysky 2820 motor, 4 emax digital servos, hobbywing 60am esc, n3x gyro. (no Electric Retracts)
Ask for $180

8. Axiome 70 BP F3A:50 class biplane F3A designed by F3A world champion Christophe Paysant Le-Roux, comes with emax and dualsky digital servors, Hobbywing 100A Platimun ESC, Dualsky MX motor and carbon prop.

Ask for $550
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