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Other Events / Re: CUB FUN-DAY July 2nd 2017
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 05:20:43 pm »

re:"... any 'yellow aircraft' will do."

So you ask us to bring a yellow Cub or plane and you are planning to come to the party with a white one. I guess if you organize the party you can make up the rules as you go along. ;D

Mine is Green Drab.  (L4 Grasshopper).  "Green" describes the colour, "Drab" describes the pilot. :)

Other Events / Re: CUB FUN-DAY July 2nd 2017
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 04:27:34 pm »
I have wiped the dust off of her and she is ready for flight come July 2nd at the Cub Fun Day afternoon.

This is my Sig Clipped Wing Cub.   Flies well and repairs easily.

I bet she'll be one of the prettiest Cubs there, unless... you bring out yours.

What have you got?

Bruce, I don't think I was clear about the pill bottle. It's simply there to provide shape for the fuse and thrust tube during assembly and fits the category "Remove before flight".
I will perforate the tube joint overlap area and scuff it vigourously before applying the epoxy.
You raised the issue of anchoring the thrust tube in the fuse...I plan to glue it to the edf shroud and the inside of the fuse but only at the exhaust opening as the onside of the fuse is anything but a smooth tapering cylinder...
enough anchoring?
TEMAC Events / TEMAC this week... 06/26
« Last post by battlestu on Today at 02:34:16 pm »
Hi all just quick reminder of the events happening at TEMAC this week:

Wednesday, June 28th: Student night.
Watch the flight instruction page for Michael to make the go/no-go call
As a reminder, this night is for students only

Sunday, July 2nd: Bruce's Cub Fun-day.
Let's celebrate this fantastic aircraft by having a Cub Fun-Day at TEMAC Rogo Field.

See you out on the field.

Building / Construction / Re: Canada 150 build...err, assembly...err, project
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 11:50:35 pm »
I would scratch the plastic, both surfaces being glued, aggressively with course sand paper and use a skim coat of epoxy.  The roughness should give the resin something to grip.
This is looking like a great project. 

I would suggest drilling a number of small holes into the page protector, EDF and Bottle at various locations where you wish to secure it to the EDF and the Bottle.  Then use epoxy to glue the page in place allowing some epoxy to squeeze through the holes.  Smooth the oozed epoxy on the inner and outer surfaces of the components. The dried epoxy through the holes on the page protector, EDF and Bottle will act like pins preventing the page from dislodging and keeping it in place. 

It may work.  But no guarantee.
Other Events / Re: 2017 Kingston Electric Funfly
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 11:45:03 pm »
Great pictures, Richard and Xavier!  Thanks for sharing.  I like the pictures because you can't feel the wind :o

Although it was pretty windy both days at the fun fly, there was still plenty of flying, and Sunday morning was a pleasant surprise for everyone, as we all expected to wake up to rain.  It was great to see Richard and his son Alex from Montreal, as well as Xavier who was able to join us on Sunday.  Of course, it's always great to see Martin and the Kingston gang, who alway put so much work into making this event fun and welcoming for everyone.  And it's nice to see new and old friends from far away.

I personally had a pretty useless fun fly as far as the performance (or lack of) of my own planes is concerned, and as a result flew very little, but I had a great time and enjoyed relaxing, eating, hangin' out with friends, and watching others fly.

Took a time out from the Tutor project to finish two models for Mayden Fest, but got back to the workbench today.
Next on the Tutor is fitting the 55 mm edf into a fuselage that's really too small. One of the pictures above shows how tiny the efflux opening is on the real Tutor/stock model. Increasing the exhaust diameter is accomplished by cutting four 9" slits forward from the tail, parallel to the fuse centre line and CAing depron wedges into each slit.
Once that was done, foam had to be cut from the interior of the fuse to accommodate the edf unit.
A tapered thrust tube was fabricated from a page protector using the edf at one end and the pill bottle in the picture at the exhaust end. So far, the tube is taped with 3M 600 but my experience has been that it will let go after a while. Anyone know what kind of glue will stick page protector plastic?
Other Events / Re: 2017 Kingston Electric Funfly
« Last post by Elect-Rick on Yesterday at 10:44:56 pm »
More Pictures by my friend Xavier https://goo.gl/photos/vZ2BqAzxX4SEnoZS8
Other Events / Re: 2017 Kingston Electric Funfly
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 09:13:43 pm »
... more ...

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