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Thanks to the person that placed my bag in under the "Lost & Found" Table.  Bruce awas at the filed before me and he called to let me know it was there.
Richard moves in for a textbook ribbon cutting!

How to artistically refine a limbo pole!  (Note that Graham selected only the finest omni-directional PVC pipe!) :D

A few excerpts from the superb combat circus!  (Note the full-scale on right side of 2nd photo, wisely deciding not to engage the others.)  8)

I received a nice thank you letter from the corn, in appreciation of the fine folks who were kind enough to feed it during the Skills Challenge!  8)

Here are a few photos:
1.  Corn's eye view of prospective victims.
2.  A narrow escape by Frank Van B.
3.  Corn chowing down on Frank Fong's warbird.
4.  Mike's partially digested Stryker, after retrieval from the back 40 of the cornfield.
5.  The view from the corn's cavernous stomach and source of its insatiable appetite!

Trading Post / Re: Multiplex Easystar PnP $70
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 11:56:55 am »
Now also on RC Canada
Trading Post / Re: FPV gear for sale
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 11:49:09 am »
Now posted also on RC Canada
Kudos to Simon who took the extra time and effort to fly buddy box and let a couple of our students participate.

Nice touch!

Just another and another and another great day at the field.... 

Thanks to everyone who organized it and ran it. 

Great to see so many out...  great to see so many taking on the challenges.

My favorite was the combat challenge.  (Even though I came down in pieces... I think I got extra points for that.   :o)   The sky was so colourful. Can we beat ten next year?
I left my Silver Bag with Ice Packs, Soda Stream Bottle, Can of Coke & Empty Water Bottle at the filed next to where Vic had his sunshade up today for the Fun Fly.  If anyone saw it or took it home, can you let me know and I'll arrange to get it from you.  :o


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