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Title: 2018-03 TEMAC Tickler, Winter Fun & 3D!
Post by: sihinch on February 04, 2018, 01:34:43 pm
We've had some ups and downs with the temperature recently, but some members decided to make the most of the +3C last weekend to do some Rogofield flying!  I'm not sure of the official count, but I think around 10 members flew last Sunday, at some point.  Myself included!  Several maidens were completed, sadly not all of them ended well.  :o  But I am certain everyone had fun.  :D

I've added a few more pictures from the January pilots meeting.  Every time I do a Tickler, I thoroughly enjoy seeing people's smiling faces; it's a great reminder of the fun we have spending time together.  This Wednesday we have the chance to do it again..... ;D

This Wednesday, from 7:30pm in the basement at Colonel Mustard's Pub at 6545 Hwy 7 in Markham, we will all have the chance to learn more about the 3D printing technology that is, in all honesty, revolutionizing our hobby in many ways.  I know that I have already found myself using the skills and capabilities of others to provide me with 3D components for my models.  Gil Elgez has kindly offered to give us all an introduction to what's involved.  As always, we will meet for the dinner in the bar beforehand, usually from around 5pm.

Hope to see many of you there.
Title: Re: 2018-03 TEMAC Tickler, Winter Fun & 3D!
Post by: vicwhit on February 10, 2018, 02:37:34 pm
I'm sure everyone enjoyed the 3D printer session. I find the technology lots of fun and a real learning curve.  Before I left for Mexico, I made about a dozen whistles for handing out to people on the beach that could alert first responders to drowning victims. So you can see that the printers can be more than just fun. I can hardly wait to get back home from the sunny south to get back at it.

in Saskatoon you can watch a live YouTube video of a 3D printer at work building a 12 foot RV trailer. A World first at Create Cafe (