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General Discussion / RC Cars for Crappers' Speedway
« Last post by vicwhit on Today at 04:23:40 pm »
A few cross-compatible RCers have asked about cars for Crappers' Corner Speedway.

In a few words...1/10 scale brushless LiPo buggies. Looking at local hobby stores and the net, you will find a wide range of prices that will get you kids junk to pro level. I am mister-in-between and my restricted retirement lifestyle will only allow something affordable, But hey, let's not sacrifice too much.
I found a local supplier that imports and sells car made in China. I could not even find a better price direct from Chinese sources. RC Hobbies Outlet offers lots of version of cars  in different sizes and styles.

My selected car is the XSTR Pro made by HSP. It comes in 11 different flavours that seem differ only by colour. The package comes complete with radio and battery. It is a great started package as the car as several upgraded features included. I suggest buying an extra, larger capacity battery to get even more time on the track. Spare parts are available from RC Hobbies Outlet or from many Internet suppliers. You might want a few of the suspension part spares and screws/bolts. Make sure you have blue thread look and treat every bolt and nut that you want to stay on the car.


RC Hobbies Outlet https://www.rchobbiesoutlet.com/1-10-scale-electric-rc-buggy/

General Discussion / Lost & Found Claim
« Last post by vicwhit on Today at 03:41:19 pm »
To the person who found a P51 hatch cover, thank you very much.
I lost mine last year and had to manufacture a replacement. It's not original but functional and looks fairly close to stock. The found hatch was pointed out to me and looked in extremely good shape for something sitting out so long.
It very well may belong to some other P51 pilot so if you have lost your hatch lately, get in touch. Otherwise my P51 will look more original.
Other Events / Re: London Swap Meet
« Last post by AlexShao on Today at 03:39:39 pm »
Nice, I should go there cos I am looking for a DLG.....
General Discussion / Re: Electric Formula1 kits
« Last post by cpaine on Today at 03:10:26 pm »
I'll add that the denight special and the tomcat are essentially toni's and the GR7 is kinda like the Estrellita as far as the builds go. Ken made his own Denight Special.. looks awesome but have not seen it race yet. It has round wing tips and tail ... show us a picture Ken!
General Discussion / Electric Formula1 kits
« Last post by cpaine on Today at 12:50:30 pm »
Hey guys,
As some of you might be  hearing, the ARF market is down for EF1..... guys out in Billings Montana, started to KIT a few great EF1s. my favorite, the toni, as well as GR7, tomcat and the denight special. looks like they have some options for a kit... pay a bit more and the wings come sheeted, fuse built and a fiberglass cowl. cheaper version, is you have to build it all, and vac formed parts.
Have a look, and i would help anyone that needs it, with sheeting and joining the wing.


Flight Instruction / Re: Flight instruction Sunday October 14th
« Last post by bweaver on Yesterday at 09:50:53 pm »
Re: I thought the bits of streamer on the runway at Lindsay today looked familiar!!  8)


I didn't think that the winds were that strong today, but when you say you saw them,  it is obvious that you feel you missed out on the opportunity for the challenge.  :-* Just talk to the chicken.
Other Events / Re: London Swap Meet
« Last post by mawz on Yesterday at 08:18:33 pm »
So I made it, got some good deals.

Picked up a power system for the Elder 40 kit I won at the Zone E AZM, a Raven 990 1m DLG, some oddball little half-A electric and a wing for a DJ Aerotech Chrysalis 2m sailplane.

Who else made it? I saw Glenn...
Building / Construction / Re: Assembly Tables
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 06:12:44 pm »

re: Andy's "Well actually I had this terrible nightmare with @Frank v B and @bweaver chomping on my Warwings! "

Double-teaming Mr. Hoffer seems to work well for us. :D

General Discussion / Re: The Great Photo Thread
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on Yesterday at 05:44:17 pm »
  Here is a photo of Andy Hoffer flying his Pitts Special. It is a beautiful aircraft which unfortunately had a bit of a mishap last week. But knowing Andy it will back in the air and better than ever.

  Andy, this should help your inspiration!

Hey @electroflyer ,

Thanks so much Glenn.  That is a beautiful shot of my Pitts, and definitely an inspiration to get the repairs done.

Flight Instruction / Re: Flight instruction Sunday October 14th
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on Yesterday at 05:38:19 pm »
Sorry we missed you Alex.

The weather was great!!!!

There was a number of members out this afternoon enjoying themselves while flying in the warmth of the sunshine. 

Vic and I even had a couple combat challenges where we would have to consider the results to be a draw.  Each of us got some streamer from the other, and have survived intact to enjoy future challenges.  :P

I thought the bits of streamer on the runway at Lindsay today looked familiar!!  8)

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