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Trading Post / TOM McCANN Estate Sale
« Last post by ken c on Yesterday at 11:19:55 pm »
1. Powerhouse 84" span geared Astro 05 & matching ESC - unflown   $60         
2. Seniorita 68" span geared Astro 02 & matching ESC - unflown   $40
3. Eindecker 57" span geared Astro 02 & matchingESC - unflown   $40
4. Trainer 55" span spd 600 unflown - $30
5. Piper Cub span 60" unfinished - $30
6. Mini Seniorita 44" span Astro o2 & matching ESC unfinished - $20
7 Armload of hand picked balsa - $40
8. 136 pcs carbon fibre rods, strips and tubes - $40
9. Schuco compressor - $20
10.Plastic tool box - $10
    Respond by EMAIL only to kencoleman@rogers.com - thanks
Building / Construction / Re: Frank v B's winter project- Sportwin
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 08:19:24 pm »
Just found pictures of the small Sportwin I built many years ago with the two Speed 280 brushed motors.  They were later upgraded to 100 watt outrunners.

Note the 72 meg antenna. ;D

General Discussion / Re: 2018 Fall Clean Up- 27/Oct 9:30am~11:30am
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 07:02:49 pm »
MMMM... I see.... the big hand is on the 6 and the small hand is on the 9.  I'll ask one of my kids to translate. ;)
Graham, do your weather dance this week. ;D

General Discussion / Re: 2018 Fall Clean Up- 27/Oct 9:30am~11:30am
« Last post by gmcnic on Yesterday at 06:12:52 pm »
Special for you, Frank.  Here is an analog representation of the start time as shown in digital format in the subject line.

I will watch the weather and provide the "go" or "no-go" on Friday.

Other Events / Re: E F 1 Racing
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 05:44:30 pm »
Please note that in both races I failed in my mission to come second last. 8)


Other Events / So we went to the MAAC Zone "L" meeting
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 05:35:49 pm »
Many TEMAC members were represented at the meeting today.  The Zone Director is our own Athol Cohen who ran the meeting.  Approx 32 people attended with a total representation of about 117 (attendees plus proxies).  In attendance for TEMAC were Bruce, Simon, Andy, John Aurich, Karl, Ken Rawlins, Lawrence, Michael and yours truly.  Simon carried your 21 proxies so TEMAC had a total of 29 votes.  Good lunch of pizza and sandwiches organized by Carl Goinerov of the host Keswick Club.

Photos are of:
- Bruce trying to hide his identity under a corporate baseball cap
- Bruce and Simon in the peanut gallery,
- Michael.... picture is worth 1000 words.  He would rather be flying.... but at least his new sponsor Canada Dry is happy.


ps: I drove up with Andy.  He had 30 degree flaps deployed the whole trip up the 404. ;)
Other Events / E F 1 Racing
« Last post by Polecat on Yesterday at 04:06:22 pm »
Hi Everyone, sorry for being so late posting the results for our Sept race, as I just found the score cards, while storing the pylon equipment away for the winter.
The race day was cold and damp, with a little rain mixed in, but no wind, so we where able to get the race in, only the crazy pylon racers would do this. Thanks to everyone who came out to race and help.

Results for Sept. 30.                           Results for May 27

Cory Paine       16 Pts   Ft.1:09            Cory Paine          16        1:09
Glen Nikolaiko  15            1:33            Glen Nikolaiko     15        1:32
Mike Baker       14            1:27            Dave Ford           14        1:20
Frank V            13            1:56            Simon Hinchcliffe 14        1:34
Ken Fluney       11            1:20            Michael Rogozinsky14      1:48
Dave Ford        11            1:27            Ken Fluney          12        1:21
Rick Paine         7             1:26            Frank V               10        1:41
Mike Hazelton   3              1:55            Rick Paine             8        1:16
                                                         Mike Baker            8         1:22

As for 2019 racing schedule, I will hold a race in May/June, Sept/Oct.
Hope you all have a good winter and its time to start building a new E F 1 racer, you can never have enough race planes in the hangar.
There is a few kits available now, which would make a good winter build, if interested give me a shout and I can provide the info.
Take care

Building / Construction / Re: 1st Build class- Wed Oct 24
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 02:05:11 pm »
No.  That's what I'll be working on at home this winter  ;)  I have several planes to finish.

My problem is I like the starting and the construction part of the building, but I find the finishing part boring.
Building / Construction / Re: 1st Build class- Wed Oct 24
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 12:54:21 pm »
Did you finish your last plane, Robert?  :-*
Building / Construction / Re: 1st Build class- Wed Oct 24
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 11:48:04 am »
I'm still trying to decide how to participate in the build classes this year.  My at home building plans for the winter involve finishing a few aircraft projects that I've had on the go for a long time, but that sort of thing can't be done very well remotely.  I'm thinking of starting another plane for the build class.  Yikes!!!

We'll see on Wednesday.  Looking forward to it!!!!

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