• October 18, 2018, 12:32:35 am
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Yah .... what all them guys said..... me to. ... ditto  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Winter storage- lipos
« Last post by cpaine on Yesterday at 06:59:06 pm »
Haha good one. Yeah I been hanging around Frank to much!
Lol dorm fridge is the politicaly correct way off saying beer fridge. Mine is top shelf for beer and door and bottom shelf for lipos.
I’m thirsty! Later!   8)
The end of an era! You've certainly set the tone for the club, even before you were president. I hope you continue to do so now as a member.



I for one believe this isn't the end of an era!  I think your involvement in the club has just raised the bar that much higher for others to strive for who will take on your role and responsibilities. 

You, the Board of Directors and its' founding members have made TEMAC the most enjoyable volunteer based organization I have ever been involved with.  As a member of the Morning Crew, I know for a fact that we as members feel this way.  From our perspective, it is so nice to be able to fully enjoy the hobby and our friends without having to deal with the many unnecessary distractions that you and others have managed selflessly to overcome and control behind the scenes.

Your dedication to the hobby, its membership and the sense of belonging you have instilled within the club will carry TEMAC forward, provided we all continue to follow your lead.

Thank you.


General Discussion / Re: Winter storage- lipos
« Last post by bweaver on Yesterday at 05:33:55 pm »
@cpaine , you are like @Frank v B ,  in that you fail to read and/or follow instructions.   I read the article you referred to in your last post.  No where in the article does it indicate that lipos should take up any space in a 'beer fridge'. (I have extracted the relevant references from the article for your future consideration relating to this important subject matter.)

" Lipos don’t want to be frozen solid, but keeping them cool during storage is most certainly in our favor. It turns out the typically household refrigerator (37 to 40 degrees) is the perfect storage place.  Put lipos in plastic zip top storage bags and place them in the fridge when not in use...
Like others, I bought a small “dorm refrigerator” for my shop for storing lipos (after my wife threw me out of our kitchen refrigerator vegetable crisper drawer)."

See, it doesn't reference the 'beer fridge'.  I hope you read this and can take appropriate steps before next summer. Get serious!!! ;D
General Discussion / Re: 2018 Fall Clean Up- 27/Oct 9:30am~11:30am
« Last post by octagon on Yesterday at 04:56:08 pm »
I'm in. See you there.
General Discussion / Re: 2018 Fall Clean Up- 27/Oct 9:30am~11:30am
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 02:25:16 pm »
Good learning Graham!  I'm so pleased that I have been able to leave a legacy.  ;)

Whilst I have a birthday party on 27th, I still plan to attend early.  It will be brilliant!  ;D
General Discussion / 2018 Fall Clean Up- 27/Oct 9:30am~11:30am
« Last post by gmcnic on Yesterday at 02:08:07 pm »
I was thinking it would be nice to do the fall clean up whilst* the temperature was autumn-like...but this weekend looks way too nice.  Sooo, I am now looking at Saturday 27/Oct to do a little tidying up. 

It will be similar to last year focusing on clearing long grass out of the drainage channels, pot hole repairs on the lane, stacking of the lawn chairs, etc.  Garden rakes, shovels, and boots would be great to have with you if you can make it out.

No idea of what the weather at this stage so I shall update later next week.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, honestly.

*learning from Simon-Sensei :)
General Discussion / Re: Winter storage- lipos
« Last post by cpaine on Yesterday at 01:02:15 pm »
Ah yes.. like i said... im no expert lol :) thank you Maws for clarifying
i did find this article... there is lots out there on the subject.

General Discussion / Re: Winter storage- lipos
« Last post by mawz on Yesterday at 12:02:54 pm »
neat little tip i learned from some ef1 guys at the Nats, once discharged to storage voltage of 3.7v (25-30%?) is to store them in the fridge. im no electrical expert, but the theory is, the cold temps slow down the electrons in the packs... like hibernation so to speak, therefor extending life of the pack....
problem is, they take away room for my beer in my beer fridge!!! ;)

The cold has little effect on the electrons.

It does slow down chemical reactions though, so the idea is valid.
General Discussion / Re: Electric Formula1 kits
« Last post by cpaine on Yesterday at 11:57:27 am »
FYI-some more info on EF1 kits
Hi Cory
The Little Toni and the Denight has a foam core wing the GR-7 is built up. I'm hopeful that I will have 6 or 7 kits into production by mid summer next year.

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