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Title: 2018-14 TEMAC Tickler, Pilot's Meeting Auction
Post by: sihinch on October 07, 2018, 03:17:41 pm
It's Pilot's Meeting Time!

Wednesday 10th October at Colonel Mustard's Pub, 6545 Highway 7 in Markham.  We will meet in the bar (at the big table by the window) from 5pm onwards, for dinner and a natter!  Then we head downstairs to a private room from 7:30pm.  For those of you who haven't been before, we usually finish around 9:30pm.

This month we have 3 topics - we will do a brief MAAC update ahead of the zone meeting (which is on October 21st) and you may offer me your proxies, if you wish.  I will also do a quick Club news update.

Next, we will have another mini auction thanks to the kindness and generosity of John Kusterin.  All proceeds will go to the Club. Here is a list of items - I'm sure there's something you need!

1) 60 amp ESC Opto HK Blackie with heatsink. tested
2) Kontronik 50 A 6-24 volts Opto.  tested
3) Elite 25 amp Pro ESC with heatsink.  tested
4) Eflite 480 BL motor.  tested
5) Axi 4120/14 BL outrunner 40 A continuous, 5 cell max 1000 watts.  tested
6) HK brushless out runner approx 300 watts
7) props Largish  APC 14x10, 15x8,14x7  HK 14x7
8 ) props mediums APC 12x8. 12x10, 12x8, 11x7, 10x10,11x8.
9) Props smallish APC 6x4 (2), 6x5.5, 9x7.5, (2), 9x9, 7x5, Graupner 7.5x5, Slim 9x5, Cox grey 6x4, APC 5x5 in a Graupner spinner.
10) Props Foldery-ish. 6x3 to 11x7.5 complete folding props
11) Beautiful Graupner 12 x 8 carbon e-prop in pristine condition in a beautiful collet spinner.  Probably for the AXI.  ($60-$70 value)
12) Collection of wiring: incl. 9 servo pigtails, 9 servo extensions (incl two 24”), 2 Y connectors, 5 switch harness.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to make the effort to bring along your winter projects.  Think "Show 'n' Tell" on a grand scale. It may just be photos at this stage, it could be a kit, or you may already be underway with the build.  Why not inspire others with your plans - and then we'd love to see the finished article in Spring!

Hope to see you there,
Simon  :)
Title: Re: 2014-14 TEMAC Tickler, Pilot's Meeting Auction
Post by: Frank v B on October 07, 2018, 09:21:16 pm
About the description of the items up for auction:

- the "Opto" ESC's require a flight battery pack.  I use a regular 4 cell AA or AAA battery pack (4.8 volts) and solder a pigtail onto it and plug it into any receiver port.  Buy lot
12 and you have 9 pigtails (male ends) to make battery packs.  The reason a flight battery pack is better is because to bring the voltage down from the main battery gives off a lot of heat.  Also, if the motor battery fails or the ESC fries, the plane can still be landed dead-stick.  I use flight battery packs on my Pogo, Large Mustang .46 and Hammer with a racing motor.  Much safer.
- There is another 70 amp ESC (Opto) which I have not been able to test yet.  Thanksgiving dinner got in the way.
- found 3 random micro servos which will be added as another lot.  Tested and work fine.

Bring your money, hone your heckling skills and bring a smile. ;) ;)


Title: Re: 2018-14 TEMAC Tickler, Pilot's Meeting Auction
Post by: Frank v B on October 09, 2018, 09:51:20 pm
Two lots have been added:

Lot 13 - 4 micros servos.  All have been tested.  Includes an HS 55
Lot 14 - 70 amp Opto esc.  Tested and works fine.