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Title: Winter Meeting (11/14/18)
Post by: battlestu on November 06, 2018, 03:21:21 pm
Hello all,

For our next winter meeting, I had a little help from my friends... thank you, Bruce and Frank,

Tips, Tricks and Tools.

You are encouraged to bring out tools or gadgets that make magic out of the many tasks we routinely are challenged within our hobby. Describe and/or demonstrate how/why the tool works best for them.

Also for those who don't have tools to bring in, every member is encouraged to jot down ideas and their past experiences involving repairs, builds, flying, safety and other model aircraft hobby related tips that they have found helpful. Share the information with your friends attending the meeting.

For example, what thing(s) do you bring to the field that you feel are essential and wouldn't come to the field without it?

Don't be afraid to share. Don't be afraid of duplications - Share and learn at the next meeting.

In order to facilitate the discussions, those attending will be asked to only discuss or demonstrate one thing at a time. After the introduction matter introduction, other members are invited to contribute to the subject matter. Then someone else can start a new topic, and others contribute. Then on it goes...

The evening should be fun and informative.