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Agreed... when Carlos cut that ribbon I thought there's nothing a Warwing cannot do... and a good pilot cannot do.

What a fun day.
Trading Post / 4 really good planes for sale
« Last post by Michael on Today at 01:16:51 pm »
I organizing my model airplanes, and I realize I have way too many in my “hangar”.  I have decided to sell some of these models, all of which are really good flyyers. I just don't have enough space to store everything.

The terms of sale are really simple. Cash only, and pick up from me in Thornhill (near Highway 7 and Bathurst) or in central Toronto, near Lawrence and Dufferin. They are being sold on a first come first serve basis; whoever calls me first, with the intention of paying for it (them) and picking up quickly, gets it. I will not ship, and I will not hold anything on a reserve basis for more than a couple days. The prices are very low because I want quick sales. Receivers are included. Everything is sold AS-IS, but of course you are welcome to inspect the model.

If you’re interested, call me. 647-300-7646. I will not respond to posts.

These are being offered on the TEMAC website only (for now). If they do not sell soon, I will post them on RCCanada where I am sure they will sell fast at these prices.


Freewing F15
See link for details.
Lists at $449 US; I paid $750. This is a very smooth and fast flyer, and requires our whole runway for takeoff and landing. I had some problems with the landing gear, and had to replace some parts, but everything is working well now. AR610 Spektrum receiver. This is a big and fast model. Flown about 10 times. A bit of dirt, a few scuffs and minor repairs, but basically, 8.5/10 condition. My last 2 flights were great and problem-free.
My price: $250. Sold to Loy.

E-Flite  Cessna 150
See link for details
2.1 meter wingspan (almost 84 inches). A great flyer, it can be flown very docile or very aerobatic. I`ve flown this a lot, and it has its fair share of hangar rash and marks, but it’s nenver been crashed. It’s ready to fly with the AS3X receiver. I’m also including the recommended set of of E-Flite floats with the necessary hardware and servo. Values here are $530 plus $110 for new items, plus tax. Basically, you get a fantastic flying airplane that you’ll be able to fly off land, water and snow, and if you ever crash it, you’ll be left with a power system that would fly a 60-size warbird.
My price: $300. Sold to David.

FMS A-10 Thunderbolt twin 70 mm fan ducted fan jet.
See link for Version 2 info.
59” wingspan, and a great flying jet. In fact, this is the smoothest and easiest flying jet that I’ve experienced. I have knocked out the landing gear several times, (and bumped the nose a few times; see photo) but epoxied them right back in. The wheels stick out a bit when retracted, and the gear doors are long gone. Also included is a 6-channel Spektrum receiver. It’s well used and well loved, but a great flying model, and it still looks fantastic on the ground and in the air. Retail is over $600 plus the receiver.
My price: $250. Sold to Simon.

Hangar 9 40-size Piper Cub (about 80” wingspan), set up with Hangar 9 floats.
Has a brushless 46 motor, 60 amp speed control, all servos and Speckrum receiver. Needs a 5-cell battery for power. I’ve flown this for a few years, and it’s an amazing and impressive flyer off water. It has its share of bumps and scratches, but is ready to fly, or you can sprice it up. The model is discontinued, but I’m sure the original cost here, including all components, approached $1,000. I bought it cheap (without the receiver), and now I’m selling it with the receiver.
My price $300.

Yes it certainly was a great day!  Every member attending made it better.  Smiles all around.

After thoroughly enjoying watching every event and participant, if I had an opportunity to add a new award at the end of the day, it would be for the 'most versatile plane and pilot' -  Congratulations to CARLOS and his Warwing... 

Carlos' flight demonstrations and the results of the warwing combat session we enjoyed have encouraged me to go visit Lowes again.  (Is there any interest or needs for replacements?) 
TEMAC Events / Re: Skills Challenge - captions required to 3 photos.
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 08:57:00 am »
Frank... you have the photos in the wrong order... it should be...

NEXT! If you are looking for a referral, ask Graham. :)
Thank you to all the volunteers, and thank you Simon for organizing and hosting.

It was an amazing day!
TEMAC Events / Re: Skills Challenge - captions required to 3 photos.
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 11:06:33 pm »

Oh, the old cause and effect.

Poor Graham. 
I can hear the scream! 
Painful now that we know the cause. ;D

TEMAC Events / Re: Skills Challenge - captions required to 3 photos.
« Last post by davidk on Yesterday at 10:43:11 pm »
Frank... you have the photos in the wrong order... it should be...

TEMAC Events / Skills Challenge - captions required to 3 photos.
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 09:55:20 pm »
These 3 photos beg for comments:

73- Bruce putting on his surgical gloves.  The Proctologist is "IN"
78- Who is Graham screaming at??  or is he yawning?
81- No comment from me.... other than.... Jeff Dunham has a new puppet. ;D

It's up to you.

TEMAC Events / Re: Skills Challenge- photo report.
« Last post by davidk on Yesterday at 09:49:15 pm »
What a fun day.  And "well done" to today's Head Chef... Bruce... and his Sous-Chef Mark... thanks guys.
TEMAC Events / Re: Skills Challenge- photo report.
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 09:47:34 pm »
The next set of photos:

85- The competition begins
86- Bomb Drop equipment in place... colour co-ordinated.
87- the other brain trust.
89- Athol trying to get BJ going.
91- another Tundra getting ready.  Brent's?
92- Mark brought his neighbour along.
93- Oscar showing off his emergency tail repair.
94- Foam lawn darts were everywhere.
96- Bruce smiling at his captured crepe.
99- Vadim was chewed up in an argument with Glenn
00- Glenn did not fare any better.

Thanks to all who participated, helped set up, helped to bring and cook the dogs and spectators who suffered through the contest.


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