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Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by piker on Today at 11:04:50 am »
We have three fast and motivated builders egging each other on.  They'll probably be done before the end of December!!!
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 08:45:11 am »
It is great to watch the construction, consider your considerations and see the differences each of you are applying to your own aircraft.  Carry on...

(At the rate you are going, you will be done before the end of winter, then onto another project.)
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by octagon on Yesterday at 11:00:52 pm »
Well, work continues. I am quite enjoying the build as it allows improvisation. I have finished all the small subsections that have to be built and am thinking I will start the wing next, and leave my favourite  part, the fuse, to the last. I am wavering between Glenns idea of sheeting the entire structure and Michaels idea of a super light model. I am concerned that trying to cover all the surfaces with monocote would be a vexing job, and so am seriously things of sheeting and fibreglassing everything, and then being able to paint the whole thing. I guess I will have to make the decision soon. I have been using a wood stripper to turn 1/4 and 1/8 by 3 inches balsa into strips, and have saved a lot of money on wood (good if I decide to sheet everything).
General Discussion / Re: S P I T F I R E
« Last post by BJROB on Yesterday at 09:14:44 pm »
Thanks Roger, I just finished watching this documentary.
What a great job done on this video.
It had me glued to the screen, I had to watch it in three parts, but could not wait to see the rest.
After just reading information on these planes, then to see, made it so full for me.
Great video well worth watching again.... ok I think I will....😀
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 09:13:33 pm »
Very nice, guys!

I just measured my old CL-215 hull and it has quite a shallow V.  147 total degrees just ahead of the step and the V increases gradually toward the nose where it gets steeper more rapidly as it turns up to the nose block. 

Michael, my fuselage is built old school with 1/8" balsa sizes over formers that I built from 1/8"x3/4" balsa to create the outer former shape.  The top sheeting is 1/16" balsa, the sheeting behind the step is 1/16" balsa.  The sheeting ahead of the step if 1/8" balsa, but when I refurbished the framework to recover the plane, I added 1/32 ply to the underside ahead of the step as the hull had taken a beating over the years.  My fuselage does not have a framed under structure, or any open areas.

Edit.  I realized I didn't finish the answer to Michael.  I didn't glass or paint mine.  It's simply covered over the balsa sheeting.

Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by electroflyer on Yesterday at 08:08:06 pm »
   Hi Robert,

  Yes, if you could measure that would be great. I do not think I will change the Hull shape as the pieces are cit and will be ready to install. It was more of a curiosity to see how a deeper "V" would affect the water performance. I am not looking to make water flight more difficult, just fun.
  In the meantime, two dimensional structures are now being joined to make a 3 dimensional shape and I stuck the tail in position for reference.
  This is a very fun build, especially since the small parts are mostly assembled and ready for final sanding.

  Here is what it looks like today.
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 06:37:53 pm »
Robert ...

Is your model's fuselage sheeted/fiberglassed/painted, or sheeted and open structure and film covered?
General Discussion / Re: The Chuckle Corner - Humor
« Last post by Richard_RC_Guy on Yesterday at 04:38:54 pm »
Hi Bruce:

The net is still locked DOWN for Monday nights. So you will likely have more chances to prove your “skills”. Other fliers tried to ram the net this Monday in the hopes their planes would knock it loose and get it to retract - so far no luck. Airplanes splatted all over the floor. Maybe a mass simultaneous ramming attempt by all fliers might work?  ;)


Richard B.
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 02:29:06 pm »
My CL-215 is loosely based on the Steve Gray plans from MAN many years ago.  The V on the bottom is flatter than scale, I believe, and I've always felt it made for easier take-off from water.  If you like, I can measure the V angle tonight, for reference...

General Discussion / Re: The Chuckle Corner - Humor
« Last post by bweaver on Yesterday at 09:35:33 am »
@Frank v B - Re your comment - A two or three point attempt?? 8)

Flying indoors isn't a team sport Frank.  I would have been happy to have missed the backboard altogether. 

In the event you care, the plane is repaired and hopefully the plane will sense and avoid suspended obstacles in the future.  (I know I haven't acquired that skill yet, but am working on it.)  :-*
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