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Author Topic: Annual Report from the President 2015  (Read 2344 times)

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Annual Report from the President 2015
« on: December 01, 2015, 08:52:06 PM »
Contemplating my report for 2015, I realised that it seems to have been a long year, this year.  Personally, it seems such a long time ago that I was finishing my Skywriter from the last build class.  From a Club perspective, it seems so long ago since the fabulous “Doors Open” event.   A lot has happened again this year for TEMAC, nearly all good, but before I go on, I must say a few words about our dear friend Jack. 

Some days it feels like only yesterday when I was chatting to Jack at the President’s BBQ, and others it feels like such a long time since I could turn to him for advice or ideas.  Jack really was the driving force and catalyst behind so much that we all know as TEMAC.  I can’t ever remember a time that he didn’t have a least 5 or 6 ideas about new events, improvements or ways we could support the hobby.  So many of us miss Jack, but he would have wanted TEMAC to continue growing, innovating and succeeding, and thankfully he showed us the way to do that.  Thank you Jack.

We remain financially healthy thanks to the fabulous stewardship of Andy and have been able to continue with our traditions of fun events, field improvements and of course a low membership fee structure.  Sometimes, I can’t believe that we only have one Graham!  No sooner has anyone mentioned something about the field and he appears there!  Thankfully, when he is there, he’s usually working – you only need to see the new parking fence and first class parking area as testament to this. 

But as usual, it’s really the volunteers that make things happen, and that’s you!  If you think back to late summer, you will remember how great the grass is, how well the runway works, how the driveway allowed easy access, the number of students flying, and how the events always had a BBQ and often a 50:50 draw.  So thank you to the field helpers, the race callers, the chefs & our instructors.  Special thanks to Ben Feist, Robert Pike, Mike Hazelton, Frank van Beurden and Michael Rogozinsky for volunteering to support our website, lead our build classes and deliver our flight instruction program.

Our events this year were simply amazing, with 2 very special highlights.  Our participation in Doors Open was a lot of work, and required lots of planning, but it all came together on the day (except maybe my lipo choices!)  It was a wonderful advertisement of our club, and our culture and a chance for us all to play with our toys for an audience!  Does it get any better than that?  Maybe!  I heard a good number of people say that the Annual Fun Fly this year was the best ever.  It seems that our events were mostly fortunate with the weather, which is more than can be said for Student Night.  I think Wednesdays this year were probably the windiest days of the week.  But nevertheless, we managed to welcome many more members to the joys of being an RC Pilot.

Unfortunately we did have 2 incidents that resulted in property damage.  I believe this was a first for TEMAC, which is excellent for 12 years of operation, but a concern that we had 2 in one year.  The Board has already considered factors and circumstances that may have contributed, and started to develop corrective procedures, but I would ask everyone to remain focused on safety, and remember that our hobby does pose some risk.

Looking forward, I will be working with the Board to consolidate our events program and review our race series.  I think it’s time for us to strengthen the events that work, make them bigger and better and free up some time from those that haven’t caught on or flourished.  I am probably more aware than most that our race series seems to have dwindled.  I cannot imagine TEMAC without racing, but for some reason the Piker Class Team Racing seems not to be working as planned.  As always, I will ensure the Board takes your input and ideas when defining the future, refined recipe for fun at Rogofield.

As the year draws to a close, I can see new beginnings on the horizon.  Some have already started to grow, like our new build class format, which seems to be working judging by the 18 participants last week!  Others, are simply ideas for discussion at present, such as EF1 vs. Piker class racing.  But I have absolutely no doubt that, in the true traditions of TEMAC, our next year will be filled with fun and shared with friends.

Wishing you all health and happiness.

President, TEMAC