Started by Canuke, May 19, 2019, 08:16:57 AM

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Are any of you and/or spouses going to the BBQ today? Sandra is thinking of going but only if other wives are coming.


@Canuke , I saw your post about your prop cut.  I hope it mends quickly.  If you're slow to get back out to the field, you will know we're talking about you.  If you can't fly, at least you can bring the coffee.  I take mine black.

Regarding your original inquiry, it wasn't met with many positive responses.  (0) 

As a matter of fact, I asked to Katie if she would like to come out to lunch with me to a s****y outdoor catered event.  (She must of saw me putting planes etc in the car and put two an two together.) 

Her response was "No thank you,  I would rather stay home and clean the stove."   Flying must be a guy thing for the most part? 

Seriously though, it might be a good idea to have a ladies day...

PS The stove is sparkling.


@bweaver @carnuke, and all,

I've asked Barb to come along but she was the "Johnny on the Spot" and said thanks, but no thanks!  And no, she didn't clean the stove!

Jim, get better soon - and if you need some help with the Throttle Cut setup let me know?