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Author Topic: 2019 BoB Day - Afternoon Session  (Read 1269 times)

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2019 BoB Day - Afternoon Session
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:43:12 PM »
The second flying session of the TEMAC BoB Day began at about 3:15 pm and I left at 5:30.

Six pilots were present:

Photos and Captions:
#5510 - K-C and his Spitfire. (Is that like "K-C and the Sunshine Band"?).
#5511 - David and his Spitfire with the newly painted camouflage scheme. It worked so well that it took David 10 minutes to find his airplane after he placed it down on the grass.
#5512 - Oscar and his Spitfire.
#5513 - Spitfires lined up on the runway. Left to right: K-C's, Richard's, Oscar's, David's (gear down David, gear down!)
#5518 and 5519 - We are practicing our "missing man formation". I think it needs more work.
#5520 - Squadron of four Spitfires and pilots. Peter saved the day by taking the group shot.
#5522 - Peter and his "sort of, kind of" Spitfire. Well they both had props didn't they?
#5525 - Carlos and his ****ire (Vampire) which is like the Spitfire (both end in "ire"). Ok this time Carlos but next time it has to be a real Spitfire.

By the way, Carlos took videos of our Spitfire formation flying and hopefully Oscar can post this to the forum.