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Good match, but pretty sure I lost that one.:(
Hitting the ground inverted probably sealed the deal  ;D

Along with so many other things that could not be done, last year basically not being able to fly F2D was tough.

Ivan and I did head down to the Bean Field in Dresden late in the summer, camped out overnight, and got in a bunch of practice matches against each other.
But nothing is quite like doing it for real, with a win or a loss at stake.

With any luck,  perhaps by late summer or early fall,  we might be able to get a contest in, and just as important see all our flying buddies (from both sides of the border).

Until then, we meet up every other week on Zoom :)

For those of you who have never flown or seen control line or F2D combat,  watch this combat video with Ivan and Pat Mackenzie going at each other.



$6.00 cash; Sunday 10 am.  - I have a bag of collected cash but will be e-transferring the total amount to Athol at the end.

Where did I get the photo?  Balsa Beavers Report on the World Championships.    http://www.balsabeavers.com/archives/reports/2000s/contest_report_2006.pdf

General Discussion / A Good SPITFIRE Documentary
« Last post by RogMason on Yesterday at 09:04:46 PM »
Guys, if you haven't seen it before, this is an excellent, older documentary on the Spitfire but a very good one. 
At 27 min on the time line, there is a great 'sit in the cockpit' comparison conducted without bias, by Paul Day, between a Spitfire and an Me109. The 109 was captured in the desert after El Alamein.

Hi Frank,

   Where did you find that picture?  Takes me back, I can almost feel the heat!
   It was hot, dry and higher altitude than we usually fly at. Motors were way down on power and the models down on lift so they turned bigger.
   Took some fiddling to get things to work properly.

   Drop-off would be great :)
   How do you want payment? I can do e-transfer or cash on Sunday.

Thank you Alex for your generosity.

And thanks to Frank, Andy and Oscar for making it all happen.
Building / Construction / Re: DR-1 from Free Sky
« Last post by GuyOReilly on May 13, 2021, 10:52:36 PM »
Elevator hinged.
Got my sewing kit out for this one, too thin to cut slots in the stab and elevator.
The 1930's method still work fine.
We just got word from Alex Shao through Oscar that all the proceeds from the auction are going to TEMAC.

Oscar put out a desperate call a few weeks ago that all the remaining modelling stuff in Alex's basement had to be removed that day.  Oscar, Andy and I went over and loaded up our cars and sorted through the stuff and auctioned it off in 25 lots so far.  A few more items remain.

In the scramble to empty the house, we did give Alex a second chance to make sure he wanted to donate the money to TEMAC.

From my notes:


So far I have collected $463.00 in cash from the auction items.  It looks like we will bring in close to $600.  Do I send the money to Athol or do you want to see if Alex can use it? 

We all benefitted from the auction because everything that was sold was a good deal for the buyer.

Frank van Beurden

Alex's reply to Oscar's e-mail is in the screen shot below:
With great pleasure... Pat wins the glow plugs since he knows how to use them.  All for $6.00

For those of you who do not know Pat, he has been at the leading edge of electric flight for a long time, was on Canada's F3P team (RC indoor aerobatics) at the world championships.  He and his brother Ivan have represented Canada at the F2D (control line combat) world championships for years.  He is an RC glider competitor as well.

Pat was a member of Temac in the earlier days but spends most of his time on the other modelling disciplines.  It is great to see him read and contribute to our Forum regularly.

Thanks for participating in our auction.

The photo shows Pat at the far right and his brother Ivan in the middle- celebrating Ivan's 3rd place at the 2006 world combat championships, the highest ever placing for a Canadian.


ps: Pat, I can drop them off Sunday morning at 10 if you wish.
I guess I have to buy some tools to fill it up!  :D

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