VIP Pylon racer- this should be scary fast...... RIP!

Started by Frank v B, September 19, 2022, 09:55:00 PM

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Frank v B

This is an Icare VIP Speed 400 pylon racer.  The theory was the smaller the faster.  Read as "squirrily".  27" wingspan.
It was sent to me by my nephew in Calgary who is a very rabid RC modeller.  The same last name should be your first clue.
He said it was impossible to sell in Calgary so he sent it to me. 
Ryan supplied the plane.  My inventory supplied the power and RC system.

Ryan's advice: keep it light!
Power system- Electrifly Ammo 24mm 4040 KV inrunner with a Castle Creations 18 amp ESC. Prop APC-ish 4.75 x 4.75
Elevator servo- Hitec HS 55.  Aileron Servo- Futaba Micro.
Battery will be 3S around 1000 mah.... as long as it fits and delivers a proper CG.

Hope to maiden it this weekend.

This should bring back memories for Glenn and Piker.

"Never trade luck for skill"


I like it!!! good luck with the maiden!!
another piece of advice.. keep it close! they get out of site very quickly.

maac #26951


Mean looking! I suggest adding some surgical tape on the outboard aileron controls. Literally tape the slot shut. This will eliminate flutter and will reduce twitchiness.

Frank v B


Thanks for the advice. 
When I checked, they actually embedded a tape in-between the top and bottom layers during the manufacturing process.  All hinged surfaces are beautifully sealed.

Dang, I can't use that as an excuse for a bad maiden!

"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B

Holy CR_P.  "Squirrily" flight characteristics is an understatement.

Maidened it today.  It was all over the sky after launch and settled down.  When coming towards you, it was impossible to see.  It speeds up quickly and is impossible to slow down for a landing.  Had too much throw on both the ailerons and elevator.  It only needs 1/8" deflection on all surfaces.  27" wingspan and an in runner 2440 on 3 cells or about 200 watts.  Originally designed for a speed 400 brushed with about 80 watts.  Simon Chapman handled the launching duties.... very well.

Cory's statement to fly them close by and that these small planes get small very quickly was also an understatement.  It didn't just get small.  It disappeared.  Stealth technology.


"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B


Flew the VIP at Bramalea today and it flew fine but after two minutes it did not behave.  Wanted to come in for a landing and it just fell out of the sky and cartwheeled into the ground.  No control at all.  Something must have disconnected.  "UP" elevator did nothing.  There was lots of speed.

Picked up all the pieces I could find...except the aileron servo.  In the spring a Futaba Micro servo tree should be taking root. :)

Such a nicely built plane.  No rebuild for this one.

Sorry little buddy.

Frank :'(
"Never trade luck for skill"