Icare Mambo-low wing speed 400 model

Started by Frank v B, November 06, 2022, 09:52:56 AM

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Frank v B

This plane is a low wing 48" span T-tail model....with wheels.  Sent to me by my nephew in Calgary.  It is from Icare (Montreal).  The wing and fuse are fibreglass.

From the website:   http://www.icare-rc.com/mambo.htm

Installed the servos- 2- HS-55's for the rudder and elevator and two metal gear micro servos in the wing.
Installed the motor:  this nose is so small it will not accept a 28mm diameter motor  (speed 400 size).  Went to a 22 mm Ammo inrunner that can draw up to 30 amps.  High KV (sub 4,000 KV).  Will use a small prop (4.75 x 4.75) and then take a reading.  Battery will be 3S.
installed a Turnigy 30 amp ESC

Photo 44- servo glued into the wing slot in the bottom of the wing- the balsa stick is just to compress the servo until the glue dried (yep! 5 minute epoxy).  The white masking tape is to keep the servo cover flap out of the way.
Photo 45- the toothpick is so the y-harness doesn't drop into the hole.
Photo 46- photo of the E-guts.
Photo 48- picture of the nose- the 22mm in-runner just fits.
Photo 49- up-turned wing tips.


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