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MAAC Annual Zone Meeting Open Proxy Assignment


Hello everyone,

As a MAAC member you would have received an email notification of the Annual Zone Meeting to be held visually (Zoom) on Saturday, 31st October at 1.15pm (13:15) EDT.

It is essential that we have a quorum in attendance, either on-line or by proxy. With the current membership in the Southeast Zone (L) this quorum is around 75 members.

As such, I am soliciting proxy votes assigned to me for the meeting... please sign up if you're not attending.
The link to the on-line form is: https://forms.gle/gbQxNzPJNi2KF4Dv8

Thank you for your participation.


Athol MAAC #: 35223
Assistant Zone Director and Former Zone Director (2017 to 2019)


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