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TEMAC Tickler - Field Update - March 18, 2021

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Tables and Chairs

The TEMAC board has voted to allow the use of the tables and chairs at the field. While understanding that we must continue to observe standard COVID-19 protocols (2 meter social distancing, etc.), the tables and chairs are available for use, should you choose to use them.

Each person is responsible for their own level of comfort and whether or not you use disinfectant. TEMAC is not responsible for any adverse issue regarding the tables.  TEMAC is not responsible for supplying any supplies. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

If you see a person using a table and then they are finished, and then you want to use that table, it’s up to you to prepare (sanitize) that table for your use.

Tables are to be used for setting up, taking apart, installing batteries, etc.  They are not to be used for storing your supplies for the time you are there. Set up your model and then leave the table for the next person. If you’re not comfortable using a table, then don’t use one.

The washroom will remain closed.

Please do not approach others closer than 2 meters, nor touch anything that belongs to others, without their permission. This includes, but is not limited to transmitters, planes, batteries, personal chairs, personal tables, etc.  If someone asks for help with something and you agree, that’s between you two.


Right now the runway is in bad shape. We are planning to replace it, but there are some obstacles and some fine-tuning needed, so this will probably not happen until May. The grass is actually in pretty good (relatively flat and even) shape, so try to take-off and land from there.

If you haven’t paid for your 2021 TEMAC or MAAC memberships, you must do so before flying. 

Michael Rogozinsky, President, TEMAC

Great news!
Thank you @Michael for the update.
Also, I did not hear that there were cases of COVID 19 within the TEMAC members nor did I hear of TEMAC being a source of COVID 19 transmission.  This is perhaps because of confidentiality issues, or perhaps because our members were respectful of the edicts and protection measures.  Good job by the Executive and all members for keeping us all safe and respecting the social distancing rules.

Thanks for the great leadership, TEMAC Board.

But more importantly - how is the Dynam Meteor to fly? Performance?

Dynam Gloster Meteor

Negatives: slow take off (without flaps), slow to accelerate, medium speed at best, sinks quickly when lowering throttle, short flights (uses power fast).

Positives: impressive presence, very easy to fly, very easy to see, handles grass very well.

Frank v B:

A responsible interpretation by the Board on the use of the tables/chairs and disinfecting.  We are at the field by choice so we need to self-police how (not whether) we wish to stick to the provincial safety guidelines.


Michael's answer on the flight of the Gloster Meteor was matter-of-fact.  I saw both Glenn and Michael in the air.  From a spectator's point of view they looked impressive.  They are large and the silhouette was unique.  The nacelles are large and the wings look large because of the chord.... all on a grey day watching grey airplanes fly.  David and Andy took some photos.  Maybe they will post them.

Looking at the models it was interesting to see how the Meteor (1943-ish) fit into the development of the modern jet.  It was a logical progression from the ME262.  The engine diameter and wing areas sure have changed.  Your other favourite planes (Canberra 1945-ish; Hunter, late '40's) iare a logical progression from this design.

Seeing the nose of the this model, if you cut it off at a downward angle it looks like the beginnings of the F86 Sabre.  The cannons are in the same place.



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