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Runway News
If you've been to the field, I'm sure you've seen the new material for the runway has been delivered. This is a stronger and better fabric than the older one. We have been informed by the installers that work on the field will commence on June 3rd or 4th, and is expected to be finished by about June 7.
Please check back on the website, in this thread, for more accurate updates as we get them. We will have to temporarily suspend flying during the installation.

Flight Training
Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2, our Chief Flight Instructor, Frank, will be at the field to start limited instruction.  We are finding our way as we start to exit this COVID disaster, so please be patient with our instructors. We’ll be starting at 5pm, and flying until dusk. (Bring insect repellant; those flying insects can be nasty!) Please make sure your planes are not set to SAFE mode. Protective masks are mandatory!  Regular members may fly, but students have priority. Be careful, be courteous, and please refrain from fast and aggressive flying during flight instruction.

Work on the runway is starting tomorrow (Thursday June 3), so flying is suspended for a few days.

Photos from flight training here:


A couple of happy-looking TEMAC board members checking out the progress.


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