E F 1 Pylon Racing at Orangeville

Started by Polecat, July 12, 2023, 08:53:05 AM

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What is the general consensus??

Just reaching out for tomorrow. It does call for some high winds. 15km in the morning and gusting up to 30 in the afternoon. The wind does help but could be a problem. If everyone says to heck with it, let's try, then we go for it.

I know it's late notice, but don't want to see a bunch of carnage either! 

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Frank v B


Vadim and Frank will be there.

Winds don't bother me at all.  It makes take-offs and landings easier on these planes.
I start to worry when winds get over 40...but will still fly. ;)

My aim is to come in second last by racing, not by having people drop out. ;D

"Never trade luck for skill"


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Took a nice drive to Grand Valley today to cheer on Frank and Vadim!
My physician wife Lynne was on hand to provide emergency medical care should somebody be hit by an EF1 'missile'.

Great flying weather if a bit gusty.

Pic 1 - Vadim spotting for Frank in full race mode.
Pic 2 - Frank and Vadim doing the "EF1 Pas de deux"
Pic 3 - Frank and Vadim looking for the 'perfect' battery adapter optimized for maximum speed.
Pic 4. Frank watches on with keen interest as Vadim connects his battery pre-race.
Pic 6. Vadim on a hot downwind leg during one of his heats.
(there's no Pic 5 - I ran out of upload space for the post.)

Great event! Congrats to Vadim and Frank for their competitive spirit representing TEMAC!
Old Buttonville proverb,"If you have to hit the fence, hit the far fence, not the near fence."

Frank v B

What a wonderful day for many reasons:
- 10 of the 12 invited racers were able to show up.  Two came from New York Sate and one from near Kincardine.
- Sunny but coolish day.  It blew like stink (30+km/hr) directly down the runway.  It actually makes these planes easier to take off and land but makes it much harder to judge the upwind pylon turn.  This field is in the middle of nowhere with clear air and huge overfly areas.
- all participants were capable fliers and MAAC members.  Some were newer to pylon racing than others.  Some of the experienced guys were born on a pylon course last century. ;)  We were all required to wear hard hats (per rules) to protect our hard heads.
- Vadim and I represented TEMAC and had a blast.

Thanks to Ken and Cory for running safe races.

The results were a little surprising... other than Cory winning again.  Vadim came in 5th or 6th.  They were kind enough to (wrongfully?) award 3rd place to me.
Vadim and I were trying to beat each other to second last place.  We both came out ahead of objective.

Photo report:
42- the list of competitors- each race was two planes (for safety)
43- Dave Ford in deep sleep thought.
44- the line-up of planes.  All behind a 6' tall metal safety screen to protect lap counters, planes and pilots.
45- Cory walking Vadim off the course so the planes had a clear runway to land.  Note the flag in the background.  Ready to rip off the pole.
50- Dave Ford (foreground) and Jason getting ready to release their pilots' planes.
52- ...in deep discussion.
53- Bob (left) was the scatter pylon judge talking to Rick.
57- Cory handing Rick his prize.  Apparently they know each other. ;)  (Rick is Cory's father).
59- Gustavo getting his prize.  It was his first ever pylon race.  His two kids were amazing at lap counting and timing.
61- Vadim getting his award. He flew well.

Also thanks to Cory's son Zack for handling communication (registering cuts and handling plane identification).  Young Zack attended the pylon racing at the US Nats in Muncie Indiana this summer.  He helped his father to a Canadian and US course record for EF1 pylon racing.

We went fast and turned left.
I will be turning right at TEMAC on Wednesday to unwind. ;D


"Never trade luck for skill"


Congratutions Frank on your third place finish and Vadim on a 4th or 5th.
You guys did amazing job, flying in very windy conditions.


Great Post Frank! always look forward to your Race reports! thank you for the kind words. Zack is having fun just being a part of it all! maybe he will race one day.
Congratulations for your 3rd place finish! you made the trip and got a Trophy!.

Vadim! getting faster man, and flying a good course!

Till next year!!
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