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Started by bfeist, August 03, 2012, 10:34:57 AM

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Originally posted by Gregor77:

Just as a reminder

Max 5 Planes up at a time.

Please call (VERY LOUD)On the field,taxing out,hand launch,landing,maiden, deadstick, etc.  With all the traffic, it is very hard to hear someone (39 years of loud music, grinding metal and nagging girlfriends) can really reducing the hearing.

Please be courtious to fellow pilots when in the pit area or waiting to go on the field.
Safety is #1, if a member is having issues, please help them if needed (meaning if they are repairing plane not safely or just need assistance trimming etc.)

Landing and taking off is a one person activity, please make sure that if one person is taking off, don't land on him, if your battery is almost out... Yell it out, maybe the person landing has a bit more juice.  If you are taking off please wait till the person lands and gets off the field, then yell it out that you are either taxing or going on the field or landing again!

If a member runs into an issue and needs assistance.  As a member please help them out if you are not flying!   It takes more than two hands to collect batteries, wings, parts etc.  Even locating aircraft is an issue at this time of the year.  The beans can be like the bermuda triangle!  If you see a plane land in the beans, please point to help the person / people out.

Parking:  With  the amount of people at the field.  Please park along the row with the rope fence.  If there is room for someone to back out or drive out, it is OK along the tree line.  But please be care full, there is a ditch there.  You could get a wheel stuck so be careful.

Please NO NOT fly past the bundle of dead trees on the nothside of the field.  We do not want anyone near the power lines or the road!   

As a reminder, the southside of the field is very nice, BUT the cow fence to the south is electrified.  So if you require collection of an airplane near there, please do not touch the fence....

If anyone else has something to ad, please go ahead.