Next Wednesday- Sept 27- 5-7pm last instruction night- Presidents Pizza Night

Started by Frank v B, September 20, 2023, 09:53:20 PM

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Frank v B

We will be at the field regardless of the weather.
Come and join us for the last instruction night of this year.
This will also be the President's Pizza Night.  Come and have a slice of pizza and fly. 
All members welcome.


"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B

Did you hear correctly?

This Wednesday will be  President's Pizza Night
Join us for flying and food.
We will be there starting at 5 pm.* 

Frank and the instructing crew.

* Sundown is 7:06 pm on Wednesday, Sept 27.  We won't be able to fly beyond that but we can eat up a storm.
"Never trade luck for skill"


Frank v B

"School's out of summer!!"
That's it for this teaching season. 
Thanks to all who volunteered (incl. Philip, Mark, Paul, Peter, Oscar, etc.), to those students who suffered (incl. Noah, Gord, CJ, Kyle, Mini-Mark) and to the weather gods who made every Wednesday some degree of flyable.

Until next year.


ps: I will continue to post when I am at Rogo field and am prepared to do some instructing...provided I can fly some of my own planes as well. ;)
"Never trade luck for skill"


Thanks to Frank, Paul G and Mark for great instruction, moral support and a plane that actually FLIES! 
Old Buttonville proverb,"If you have to hit the fence, hit the far fence, not the near fence."


Great night, lots of members out, lots of pizza.  Thanks to everyone.


I'll try to make it out to the field one more day to end the year. Thank you all for the help to learn to fly.