2024 training starts next week Wed., May 8- 5:00 pm-sunset

Started by Frank v B, April 30, 2024, 06:10:16 PM

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Frank v B

Next week Wednesday, May 8 will be our first training day at Rogo Field.
- if you are a new member and wish to learn how to fly we will be happy to instruct you
- if you are a new member who has soloed and needs a check flight.
- if you have a new plane and are new to the hobby, we will be happy to check it out and do a trim flight for you.

I will be there no matter the weather.  If it is pouring I will head to Tim's at Woodbine and Stouffville Road.

Here is hoping some of the dependable helpers can come out like Mark, Paul, Peter, Philip
Vadim, Oscar, etc.


"Never trade luck for skill"


Im going to try to get out there after school, might be a little late but hopefully could get a couple flights in (depends on work in next 2 days).



Frank v B

Hoping to see everyone out tomorrow afternoon/evening for training and general flying.  Get rid of the winter rust.
Students have priority at the flight stations during a training session.  It's their day.

Remember I will be there no matter the weather.  If it is dry, we will be flying.  If it is pouring we will go to Tim's at Woodbine north of Stouffville Road.

"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B

Well, we flew. The weather could best be described as a dog's breakfast. Yes, being kind.
Gusty, stormy, cloudy, spitty and a word that rhymes with the last one.
Look at some of the angry clouds in the backgrounds of the photos.

The rain stayed away long enough to get in two hours of flying and converting Athol's auction stuff into cash. Thanks Philip, Colin, Mark, Gregor, Jan and Paul Scuse for buying the stuff.

Noah got his wings.  Good flying in difficult conditions and making a correct decision for a safe landing versus a stylish one.  Also thanks to coach Paul Gray for standing beside him.

New members Omar and David got their new planes maidened.  Thanks to Mark and Paul Gray for getting their transmitters set up for the first flights.

TMU university (ex Ryerson) student Maya got in 2 safe flights and a shortened 3rd flight when it started to rain.  The plane sported new aluminum and Tuc tape to hold it together.  It should be named TucPrentice.

Paul Scuse's new birthday present , a twin Timber, survived the maiden flight.  The second flight was scratched when it started to rain.

Thank you to Mark, Philip and Pool Paul for spending time with the students.

Photo report:
40- David prepping the wing for the first flight
42- Paul G. with Noah after earning his wings
46- Paul G., Mark and David.
47- Jan, Noah and Mark
50- Paul Scuse before the maiden of his new birthday present
52- Maya and her TucPrentice
54- Mark, Omar, Paul G. and Paul S.


"Never trade luck for skill"


Congratulations on getting your wings Noah - well done!
Thanks to newest ground crew members - Paul & Paul. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the new TEMAC members/students
You never fail until you stop trying