May 15- We trained!! Four new members showed up.

Started by Frank v B, May 15, 2024, 10:57:40 PM

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Frank v B

A busy night for training.  Came early to fly my own two planes (didn't happen) and prep for training.

New members David, Tony, Omar and Victor showed up to see their trainers fly.  Two were able to get stick time on their planes and two had them maidened but we had the usual Spektrum buddy box problems.
New member George B. showed up, told us he could fly, he did and we immediately conscripted him to instruct.  Thank you George.  Kind of you.

Thanks to Paul and Mark for plane prepping duties. Frustrating when transmitters from the same family cannot communicate between themselves.

Photo report:
83- Jet Jockey David- another tough day at work.
84- Michael with his F-86
86- Michael with his newly finished SE5A Bipe.  Beautiful work.
89- It took a long time before Mark stopped smiling after the successful maiden of his home built Mambo
90- New member Victor powering up his Apprentice.
93- Victor's plane before its first flight.
94- David and instructor George after their second flight together.  David gave George two thumbs up!
97- Noah and Paul sorting out a new T-28.
00- Noah and Paul doing the walk of shame after picking up pieces of yellow foam from an old T-28
03- new member Tony and his massive T-28.  Maidened by Kenny.
04- TMU students/alumni Vlad and Bill showed up just as I was leaving.
05- TMU grad student Maya showed up with their latest Tuc Tape experiment.  They called it an airplane. 
06/07- A TMU airplane is made up of $10 worth of white foam, $10 worth of Tuc Tape and at least $500 worth of telemetry.

A good evening

"Never trade luck for skill"