Buddy box starting sequence

Started by Bridger, May 31, 2024, 08:38:28 AM

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I have noticed that some of my fellow students are having problems with their wireless buddy boxes not connecting properly. Ever since Oscar helped me set mine up ( and by help me I mean he did all the work) he gave me a sequence of how to turn on and off all the components. I was having trouble remembering this sequence until I came up with this mnemonic. It's easy to remember on these hot days on the field.
SIP for turn on the Student transmitter first, then the Instructor transmitter next and finally hook up the battery on the Plane. Now on the Apprentice this means connect the battery , not just flip the little side switch. The Battery connection starts the receiver, the switch only turns on and off the ESC to prevent the prop from turning and cutting fingers.
This has allowed me to have problem free flights the last couple of times.
Now the way you turn everything off is important too, so just reverse everything  and somewhat crudely but memorably it is PIS.
Disconnect the Plane battery, then turn off the Instructor transmitter and then the Student transmitter.
So remember SIP and PIS next time you're at the field and your instructor sessions should go smoothly.
Hope this helps :)


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