Training Wed. June 12- 5 pm to dark

Started by Frank v B, June 08, 2024, 08:36:20 PM

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Frank v B

We will be there no matter the weather.  Come and train, come and teach, come and fly or just be part of the peanut gallery.

"Never trade luck for skill"


@ Frank..thanks. I will be there then around 5. Hope to catch up with you then.


Bill B

On our way with the tuc-tape in case anyone needs some.

Frank v B

Beautiful evening with this year's usual gusty wind.
Thanks to instructors George and Simon.
Tonight's students included David, Omar, Maya, Mini Mark, Jeff and Tony.
Visiting were Ex-Ryerson students (TMU) Travis and Bill.

Photo report:
47- My new PoleStar before the maiden flight
52- Andy's ditch into the field caused the pilot to lose his right arm.
59- Andy after a flight with his Tiger Moth.  The wings practically flapped when doing loops.  An ornithopter.
61- David and George
63- Paul hoping for divine intervention programming transmitters.
65- George and Maya.
66- Travis with Simon.

"Never trade luck for skill"