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Title: Visit to Base Borden Military Museum
Post by: Frank v B on May 09, 2022, 09:36:22 PM
Visited base Borden yesterday for Mother's Day.  We met two of our sons and two grandsons there for a picnic lunch.

Photo 14- nose gear to the CF 105- surprisingly small.
Photo 15- close-up of the cockpit- surprisingly simple, small and rough.  The ejection seat was interesting.
Photo 16- close-up of the tail rotor of a Sea King helicopter.  Surprisingly complicated.  Now I know why they call a helicopter "a bucket of bolts flying in formation".  The ratio of maintenance hours to flying hours was incredible.  They have all been retired.

The entry is free.  Half the inside displays are closed for renovation.


ps: My youngest son (31) is a Captain in the Canadian Air Force.  He is a logistics officer involved in Special Ops. He looks after the business end of the helicopters at Base Petawawa.