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TEMAC Nooner racer build thread!!

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As several of us will be getting our Nooners shortly and I was given the opportunity to build one so long as I did a build thread I jumed at the chance.  I figured we all could use this thread to solve problems and answer questions on the models to get the ball rolling.  The first one I will be doing is the ARF version and will be built to be as reliable, strong and fast as possible! 

Opening the box its a nice well made model for the cash.  The fuse has a little carbon that is perfectly installed and the hardware despite not being complete is of ok quality.(ive seen worse!)

With everything except the battery on my scale the number is 10.5oz or near 300g.  my goal is around 11.5 ready to fly plus battery and possibly a touch of weight to make the required 16oz,

1 pic.  The required everything taped together right out of the box photo.

2 pic.  showing the difference a spinner makes on this model!  Diameter 30mm (this one is a Mp-Jet)

3 pic.  case in point....

4 pic.  firewall started as a disk with just a center hole and two motor holes..  dremel!

5 pic.  need to reinforce the fuse where the wing leading edge dowl will go.  I used the spray adhesive to make the piece of spectra stay in place then used thin CA to glue it in.  (spectra is kinda like kevlar and better than just fierglass AND i had some..

6 pic.  the result.

7 pic.  another layer on the outside of the fuse and its plenty strong.  just a small hole till i have the wings joined and can drill it all at once.  dont install firewall till after this is done!  I did sand the area prior to installing.

8 pic.  trimmed the canopy with scissors then smoothed up with sand paper.

9 pic.  take a good look at the fuse.  this one the very last bit of it was slightly out of alignment.  I cut the notches for the tail surfaces to compensate...  go slow with the dremel and cut off disk.. remember you have lots of sets of eyes so no need to use glasses...

10 pic.  test fit of tail surfaces.

11 pic.  First alignment.  will tune once wing is joined and mounted.

Wow!  This looks awesome Ed!  Thank you for taking the time to do all the photos and the write-up.

Someone is very lucky to have you building this ( ;D) and they need to get one of those sexy spinners!


Does look good, Ed.  Can't wait to get mine!

Just a little work on the elevator joiner.  I used a 3 1/2" (90mm) long piece of 1/8" (3mm) Carbon rod.  Cut slot in surfaces basicly completly through but tried not to damage covering on other side.  I installed the horn I made onto the joiner and did a few wraps around with thread to get an even better bond.  All assembled with thin CA.   Will show more detail on how my pushrod design will work as the build progresses.


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