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Speed-Sparring this Saturday May 14?

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Frank v B:
I am planning on bringing out my EF-1 on Saturday for some sparring.  Who's in?  Will probably get there around noon.

The most important is to get the numbers right:

EF-1, 25-1250, 4 cell, 8x8.  Remind me to bring all 4 and get them flying in formation behind the 8x8! 8)


I'm probably going to save myself for the race on Sunday (a.k.a I don't know if I have permission for Saturday!)

Sorry Frank

If it's not raining I'll be there. Sunday isn't looking so good right now

Frank v B:
So TEMAC has 100 plus smart people and one idiot*.  For some reason I was the only TEMAC member flying today. 8)

I was there in a hurricane between rain storms and flew my POGO for 1 flight.  The upwind passes appeared very slow but the downwind passes were ballistic.  Take-off and landing were surprisingly controlled despite the gusty conditions.  The wind was down the runway from the north.
Did my flight while the Ryerson students were downloading the GPS data from our flight with the Bix 3 (see Ryerson report).


* so do you think Andy will take the bait? ;D

Wow.. I thought for sure nobody would out thing that weather. Not sure if I should applaud you or recommend some sort of therapy..


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