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Piker Race (05/22) take 2

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Last week was a blow out only one person tried to fly in that windy mess they called a weekend. Not naming any names (cough Frank cough)

This weekend is looking much better for our first race of the season. So charge you batteries and get your planes ready.

We'll see you all this Sunday at 1:00


Noooooo not Sunday!!!!


Frank v B:
Yesssss! Sunday.  I'll be there.

Does this mean I beat Mike before I even fly? :D


You can't beat me in the air... So enjoy.

Glenn, Simon, and I turned some laps a couple times today. I wish I could make it tomorrow. It's so much fun.

Frank v B:
Piker Race- Take 2:

Simon wins 'cause he was the only one who could finish the course at full speed.  Glenn, Simon, Greg and I drew heats.  The first race was Pogomania with Glenn and me.  Take-offs were to the north because of the strong winds (mild in my books) , around the north pylon backwards, then around the south pylon the normal way (counter-clockwise). On the second lap, Glenn took a big bite out of my starboard elevator half, his motor shook itself apart and landed.  I finished the race at 3/4 throttle not knowing whether I sustained any damage.  The plane handled differently but no real problem. 
Lap counting was done by Graham because he was the only one of us who could count to 10. :D

The second race was Greg H. and Simon.  After a scrambly take-off, Greg got control back but could not keep the plane in the air for more than a few laps and landed.  Simon flew the 10 laps at full speed.

A fun afternoon.

Now need to get my plane fixed for Orangeville on June 4.



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