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I'm writing this post because I want your opinion. A number of you have been asking about racing for this coming year, suggesting different formats or types of plane, so there is obvisouly interest out there.  And you must feel we haven't got it right yet.

I loved racing with the Piker class planes! I believe it improved my flying skills enourmously and it also gave my flying purpose. Plus, it was super, super fun. But I also know the planes were tough to build, repair and sometimes fly! And in the end the turnout for races became too low for a real race series.

The EF1 planes are much easier to fly, but can be tricky to land and also are much more expensive.  And they take up more sky.  We do have fun flying these, but again, never really got enough interest to have a full race series.

So - do you want to race?  With a course, and points? The suggestions so far are, with a few pros and cons:

1) Warbirds.  Would look amazing and most people have one.  But now we have different manufacturers giving different sizes, and some are 3S and others 4S.

2) Force RC Rare Bear - simple plane, 4S, pretty cheap, easyto repair.  But so far, no one has one, so you'd need to buy a new plane.

3) The new Stryker - I'm sure it will be a popular model and could be raced fairly easily, on either 3S or 4S. They would all be the same, but they would all look the same to start and again, you would need to buy a new plane!

Please, let me know your thoughts.  SHould we race. What with. Who would be interested?  Would you help out?


I would be open to the new Stryker, even the Rare Bear.
Great thing about the Stryker is that we can also run FPV racing as well and it is pretty tough. Not that my planes eat dirt regularly :P


Andy Hoffer:
Hey @sihinch,

How about the Warwings!  LOTS of people have those and they are cheap.  And you could have a LeMans start with any number of pilots racing at once, which would look fabulous, especially with the pretty tail streamers!!  See photo below, which shows what a typical racing pattern might look like!  This would be a real tribute to @bweaver , our masterful CFI, and Jack Higgins could officiate from above!!  And @Frank v B could set up a 5-minute epoxy kiosk for emergency repairs (artist's rendering provided)!  ;D


I agree with Andy, but we should have a standard motor, prop and battery to make things fair.

Or, like Jack did, just a standard ESC to limit the watts. Then people can play with motor and prop and battery, and have a little more freedom = lower cost.


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