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Flying with TEMAC’s “Ghost Squadron” - Fri. Oct. *4*

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Here’s a photo report of my flying activities with TEMAC’s “Ghost Squadron” this Friday morning.

Photo 1 - Field view. I arrived at the field this morning around 10 am and was pleasantly surprised to find that our “Ghost Squadron” members were out in full force. Being “Ghost” members they (And their cars) are rather hard to see.

Photo 2 - Wind sock. Obviously the high winds did not deter the members of the “Ghost Squadron” from turning out in full force to enjoy the fine winds.

Photo 3 - Self portrait. Here I am showing off my new gloves to deal with the chilly weather. Note the finger tips are missing so as to get a better feel of the control sticks.

Photo 4 - Lineup of Ghost Squadron aircraft waiting for takeoff. It was so busy that members had to line up and wait their turn for flying.

Photo 5 - Unidentified aircraft belonging to one of the Ghost Squadron. Does anybody recognize the type of aircraft here?

Photo 6 - Craig arrives. He left early because all the tables were occupied mostly by Ghost Squadron members so he had no place to set up.

Photo 7 - Bill arrives and manages to wrangle a table away from the Ghost Squadron.

Photo 8 - Mark (on left) arrives and talks with Bill (on right). Mark asks, “who are these Ghost Squadron guys?”

Anyway, I left at Noon after flying off 5 batteries. I figured it wasn’t worth the risk of colliding with a Ghost Squadron aircraft since you can never really tell where they are in the air  ;) ; ;D


I arrived at 12:18 and saw Mark... but felt there was a recent presence... and now that makes sense as Richard left behind his ghost flier.  I had one flight and then Glenn arrived.

We watched Mark flying his copter... a very good show... and spent the afternoon begging the sun to come out which is did around 3:30.  Mark left and then Alex arrived.

Straight North wind, not too much - just enough - and with flaps the Timber and Tundra performed floating exercises in landing.  The most fun was with very short circuits and touch and go's.  Take off quickly, zip around a short circuit, into the wind, throttle down to almost a stop with the wind, touch down and then go again.  Excellent day... cold... but excellent.

Frank v B:

Are you OK? 
You have just proven there is a fine line between "being committed" and "should be committed" ;D


I know, us working stiffs are just jealous you can do this. 8)

Re: Photo 5 - Unidentified aircraft belonging to one of the Ghost Squadron. Does anybody recognize the type of aircraft here?

@Richard_RC_Guy I know you are relatively new to the hobby, but the Ghost Squadron aircraft in question is a 'Shadow'. They are absolutely useless for night flying, rarely seen at the field on heavily overcast days, rarely get off the ground, yet commonly get bent up (experience hanger rash) as the owner carelessly moves it around the flying field in front of him, beside him, behind him without giving it a second thought.  In many instances they are stepped on by absent minded club individuals attending the field.   

I found a rare photo of one flying on Google Images.

Hi @bweaver:

Thanks for your help in identifying my Photo 5 as a “Shadow”! What a great description  :D


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